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The Essential Guru Guide for Any Business Looking to Hire Website Copywriters

Copywriting is a high-level skill set, where experienced writers will often have years of knowledge about the right strategies, content placements, research, and structures to ensure your online business pages resonate with your target audience, appear in search results, and result in better returns from your digital presence. Web copy specialists can write blog posts, article pages, social media posts, video transcripts, marketing materials, and so much more.

In this guide about hiring web copywriters, we’ll explain all you need to know about choosing and hiring copywriting freelancers, the types of services they offer, and how website copywriting differs from other experts, such as copywriting for general digital marketing.

What Does a Website Copywriter Do?

Copywriters who focus on business web pages cover a wide array of business services, with web copywriting incorporating several elements such as good information architecture, well-placed CTA buttons as part of your sales funnel, engaging and on-brand text and tone of voice, and clever use of SEO to maximize the visibility of each web page you publish.

While a copywriter might concentrate their talents on landing web pages, service sales pages, and longer-form home pages, you can also hire an accomplished freelancer who works as a web content writer for clients, alongside writing primary content for landing pages. Hiring a freelance copywriter can provide a level of freedom and flexibility that is hard to find when working with web copywriting agencies. You can assign your freelancer a variety of projects, and they can help with everything from the content and design to editing and SEO.

Types of Website Copywriting

Copywriting for business websites can apply to a variety of online projects, where you may need to look for a copywriter with expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) or a general business writer who can design your website pages, work alongside graphic designers, developers, and other content creators. Writers should also be able to coordinate your marketing ads, editing, proofreading, and other content needs in order to deliver a slick, professional website.

The subsections below explain some of the other copywriting techniques and skills a copywriter may offer, either as a comprehensive copy writing service for new website projects or as standalone options to help you pick and choose the right business solutions for you.

Copywriting for Content Creation Projects

All the websites online need excellent quality content used for indexing, crawling, and ranking by Google, helping search users find the business they are looking for or discover answers to important questions. Copywriters can assist with short and long-form content creation, writing content for key parts of your website and populating other secondary pages, ensuring everything they write matches your brand specification, tone, and style while also meeting SEO guidelines that can help your business perform well online.

Writing Service Landing Pages

While landing page copywriting is sometimes listed as a separate specialism, most copywriters will offer copywriting for the company's main landing pages since these are the places you establish your business credibility and branding, draw in visitors to click through to other pages, or funnel viewers when they click on an ad or business promotion. A copywriting freelancer can also produce a writing blog alongside web pages and undertake other connected content creation work.

CTA Copywriting Services

CTAs are the calls to action–the bold, inviting buttons that web visitors will click when they have decided to learn more, register online, buy a product, read a review, or access a webinar or online event. CTA writers focus on using copywriting skills to engage, excite, and incentivize the prospective customer, using intelligent web copywriting to achieve quantifiable results for your business. They also incorporate the CTA into the page design and article content.

Online Ad Copywriting

Alongside website landing pages, an important aspect of digital marketing is advertising. Although writers working on web landing pages may not offer promotional copywriting, this is a common crossover in the digital marketing world. Advert writing involves writing short-form snippets and captions for PPC ads, web banners, social media advertising, and other outreach digital marketing activities.

Creative Copywriting for Web Publication

A creative copywriter uses their grasp of tone, rhythm, wordplay, and emotion to inject creativity, humor, style, and themes into their writing, using the power of written content to address reputational problems, discuss the brand's position on focal topics or issues, or create brand awareness. 

Using a Website Copywriter for Page Optimization

Creative copywriting is used throughout blog writing and other types of content writing, often as a project to reinforce SEO website content through backlinks or as a way to connect email marketing to website content. Copywriters can work on SEO editing as well as fresh content creation, delivering original and AI free content to meet Google search engine best practice ranking indicators. Hiring a copywriter with search engine optimization (SEO) experience can help you grow your online business through quality website content.

Why Hire a Website Copywriter?

Copywriters can transform the value of your website pages, often improving the impact of visual, video, and audio content such as videos, podcast publications, or product imagery produced by photographers using meaningful text and engaging phraseology. Copywriting experts can also help you create online web content for videos, digital marketing, ads, and other website content needs.

You can browse all the web copywriters available to hire on the Guru platform entirely free of charge, post a detailed job post to attract talented copywriting experts to your position or filter through copywriting freelancers to find the ideal professional for the role without needing to work with marketing agencies.

What Should I Prioritize When Deciding Which Website Copywriting Freelancer to Hire?

Copywriting Skills and Experience

A copywriter with great writing experience will be a fantastic asset to your business, often bringing years of knowledge about how to leverage website content and writing copywriting structured to draw in customers and boost your web business sales. You should also ensure that your copywriter has a strong hold of the English language and how to use it masterfully for blog posts, article creation, and marketing content. If your online copywriting jobs require a minimum amount of expertise in any area, such as creative website content, it's well worth including this in the job post. Clearly outline what writing, copywriting, proofreading, editing, and other experience is necessary for the job.

Proven Copywriting Results

Writers for hire and working within online web content often have an outstanding track record, showing how the websites they have written copy for have performed in the search results. Outcomes might include a higher search engine ranking, increased website visitors, enhanced returns on content marketing, or an article within a client's blog that has gone viral. Content that shows up in the search results is an indicator that the copywriter knows who to do SEO.

Excellent Copywriting Reviews

We also recommend looking through web reviews and ratings on every copywriter profile since these provide a great insight into how well the writer has worked with prior business hirers, including feedback on punctuality, grasp of business English, the animation injected into slogans, page design, and the SEO ranking of headers and meta content.

Detail-Oriented Copywriting

Details are all-important in digital writing, with businesses monitoring data such as referrals, click-throughs, third-party links, and bounces from their website to assess how well their website copywriter has connected with the target audience. If you have a copywriting project involving SEO, copywriting, or other data-based jobs, we suggest filtering Guru freelance copywriting experts by this skill level to ensure you hire the very best writers for the work!

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