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What Does a Web Copywriter Do?

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The writing industry is far more diverse than you might imagine, however, and it goes far beyond novelists and journalists. 

Should you need one, there are thousands of freelance website copywriters for hire on platforms like Guru!

It Isn’t Just About Writing

A writer is a writer, but it goes far deeper than that. As much as a storyteller has to flesh out their universe and the characters that reside there, a talented web copywriter needs to understand the universe your business website resides in. 

Quality is more important than quantity, so before you worry about how much a copywriter for a website costs, you should understand all the facets of their work.  


The copywriter has to become familiar with the product or service you’re providing while understanding the typical audience that is likely to view your content. 

This involves, at minimum, hours of researching competitors, understanding what is working well for your competition, and identifying gaps in the market that could be filled. 

Finding the Voice

Your input as the business owner is key here. Your copywriter needs to understand whether the text they write for your product should sound humorous and upbeat or serious and informational. 

Creating Engaging Content

A skilled copywriter knows how to take a subject that’s as fun as watching paint dry and craft it into something compelling and digestible. Even if your web page is extremely niche, it’s best to ensure that an ordinary person can understand and connect with what’s being said. 

Various Platforms

Web copywriting isn’t just about the landing page of your website. It can also be about social media presence, in-app statements, how-to guides, and email campaigns. 

If it exists in the realm of the digital, a web copywriter has seen it, and can adapt your lengthy mission statement into a thirty-word quip for social media.

Writing Professionally and Ethically

An experienced copywriter is always open to suggestions and seeks to work collaboratively with both the business owner and team members. 

Rewrites Happen

While many copywriters hit the bullseye on the first try, sometimes, a particular sentence or paragraph doesn’t fit with the message you’re trying to convey. Be sure and let the copywriter know, as they should be adept at quickly substituting paragraphs.

Make sure your team members are open to making suggestions to the copywriter and are equally receptive to suggestions the writer may make. The more information the writer has, the better their work will be.  

Legalities and Ethics

Skilled copywriters have the ability to understand where and when lines cannot be crossed. While they may research the competition, they certainly won’t be plagiarizing content or writing something that falls outside of the standards of the industry you are in. 

Furthermore, it should be noted that while a web page copywriter has a general understanding of the legal world, they aren’t a substitute for a lawyer. If you’re in a high-risk business where you require legal disclaimers or legally specific wording, it is a good idea to run any content the writer produces past a lawyer to make sure it stands the test of legal scrutiny.

Finding the Perfect Freelance Copywriter

Should I hire a copywriter for my website? While only you can answer that question, it goes without saying that unless you’ve studied journalism or creative writing, a seasoned copywriter can most likely put words on the page more quickly and concisely than you, and this can be extremely valuable for any business. 

Helping the world understand a product is a skill that takes time to develop, and a busy copywriter publishes more words a year than some superstar novelists publish in a lifetime. If you are ready to take the next step to find your copywriting superstar, Guru has thousands of web copywriters standing by to put your thoughts into engaging words. You can browse portfolios, compare prices, and find a writer whose voice matches your brand–take a look today and see what’s waiting for you on Guru!

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