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Should I Hire a Copywriter for My Website?

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A professional copywriter produces huge amounts of content on a monthly basis–they know how to put your idea into words, even if they’ve never worked with an idea like yours before. 

Copywriters are masters at understanding what sounds pleasing to the ear, and they know how to take complex concepts and make them palatable to the general public. Experienced freelance website copywriters for hire are always excited to take on new ideas and engage new products.

Advantages of Working With a Professional Copywriter

When you think about what a web copywriter does, it’s helpful to think about engagement. If your website is getting traffic but your sales aren’t increasing, there is clearly something wrong. Either there isn’t enough traffic, or the traffic that arrives simply window shops before moving on–a copywriter can help. 

Clicks to Conversions

A new potential client has just found your homepage, but can they quickly understand what your company does? A confused reader is an impatient customer. If the visitor cannot find what they are looking for, they are onto the next site faster than your landing page video can load. 

A well-versed web copywriter knows how to get straight to the point while carefully sculpting the information into the tone you want for your website. This helps compel customers to take that next step and start browsing your products. 

An Uptick in SEO

‘SEO’ stands for ‘search engine optimization,’ and it is the art of making sure your website is first on the list when a client googles something related to your business. 

This involves keywords. These keywords fit into the lock that is Google or Bing search results and help bring your website to the top of the stack. While it may sound easy, getting these keywords worked into ordinary and readable content is a challenging task, and it’s what makes a copywriter worth their rate.

Approachable and Engaging Content

Businesses providing a complicated service where the value may not be immediately clear can benefit immensely from having a copywriter mold a piece that is both understandable and compelling to read. Encouraging curiosity rather than confusion in the reader is a key way copywriters can dance a verbal tango with your website visitors and slowly lead them to the ‘contact us now’ button.  

Tips for Working With a Copywriter

Now that you’ve located a copywriter you want to work with, the next step is helping them to fully understand your business. 

Communicate Clearly

This is one of the rare instances where the more you say, the better. Every nugget of information you give the copywriter is something they can use to better understand your brand’s voice, your goals as a company, and who your typical customer is likely to be. 

Provide Examples

Have a competitor that you envy? Show the web copywriter their website and watch as the copywriter emulates the style while making it their own. An ethical copywriter will never plagiarize, but that doesn’t mean they cannot use existing pieces as inspiration. 

Trust Them

Most copywriters have written for a broad range of business categories and customer demographics, and this depth of experience means the copywriter will often make suggestions as to the direction of a piece. It behooves you to be receptive to what they have to say.

Finding Your Perfect Copywriter

Guru has thousands of reputable copywriters available for hire. Not only do these writers create web pages, social media posts, and product descriptions, but some also specialize in the exact industry in which your business is competing. 

Everything from financial writers to medical study writers can be found on Guru. Through our platform, you can easily examine portfolios, find writers in your budget, and choose the best freelance copywriter to help take your business to the next level!

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