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Hire WhatsApp Developers for Automated Messaging and Other Projects

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms in the world, with billions of people sending and receiving conversation messages on the app per day. These numbers have empowered businesses to turn to WhatsApp to better reach and engage with their customers. Recognizing this, Meta (Facebook) introduced WhatsApp Business, which allows medium and large businesses to communicate with their audience at scale. You can integrate WhatsApp on your business platform and use the WhatsApp chatbot to create automated messages and provide customer support. Hire a freelance WhatsApp developer on Guru to maximize the features and capabilities of your WhatsApp business account and improve your business!

What Is the WhatsApp Business Platform?

The WhatsApp Business is a platform for medium and large businesses designed to increase and improve their communication with their client base at scale. Through WhatsApp, businesses can build systems that connect thousands of their customers with agents or customer service bots. These systems can also be integrated with backend platforms like CRM (customer relationship management) databases and marketing resources. WhatsApp developers have the skills and resources to help you integrate the platform with your databases.

There are two ways that businesses can host WhatsApp business: on-premises and cloud API. WhatsApp API hosting is recommended as it’s easier to learn, implement, and maintain. A developer can help you host your WhatsApp API on the cloud.

What Is WhatsApp Cloud API?

Before we get into what WhatsApp Cloud API is, let’s talk about what an API is. An API, short for application programming interface, connects two software applications, allowing them to function together to perform a task in a more streamlined way. An API takes information from one software, then conveys it to another, sort of like a middleman, and vice versa.

WhatsApp Cloud API is the cloud-hosted API of the WhatsApp Business Platform. The API allows businesses to implement the platform’s business functionalities from the cloud, enabling a business’s messaging efforts to scale easier. 

Similar to other cloud services, WhatsApp Cloud API works through Meta as its hosting service. Meta takes care of everything relating to the infrastructure, including maintenance, computation, storage, and network, which lightens the load, resources, and costs incurred by the users of the API.

How Does WhatsApp Cloud API Work?

To use the WhatsApp Cloud API, you must first set up your Meta developer account. Once you’re done, choose WhatsApp from the Dashboard, then follow the instructions to send your first (test) message on the platform. Configure your endpoint (Webhook) so that you get notified when you receive anything. You should then be able to get the message.

The WhatsApp Cloud API service allows businesses to send and receive up to eighty messages per second to multiple customer numbers through several registered business numbers. If you’re dealing with a large number of business customers, you can set up the Cloud API to scale automatically to handle the workload.

Why Use WhatsApp Messaging for Customer Support and Business Communication

WhatsApp Cloud API is a useful platform for businesses that need to send messages to a large audience (e.g., those that give out promos, deals, or announcements to their market) or receive a load of communication from their customers (e.g., those that accept customer service messages). Here are some advantages to using the WhatsApp Business Cloud API:

Programmatic Messaging

WhatsApp Cloud API lets you create message templates, which you can send to hundreds of people in just a few minutes, so there’s no need to send the same content one at a time! Its programmatic capabilities also extend to you–you get automatic notifications whenever you get a new message.

CRM Integration

You can connect WhatsApp Cloud API to a CRM that you’re working with, allowing you to easily streamline your contacts and better manage your conversation interactions.

Reduced Costs

WhatsApp Cloud API setup charges are totally free for a business account, so you can access its full functionalities without having to worry about racking up a long bill.

How to Leverage WhatsApp Chatbot and Cloud API

WhatsApp Cloud API can be a powerful platform that functions beyond just mass marketing. Here are some ways you can maximize the business benefits and resources of WhatsApp:

Get Verified

WhatsApp Cloud API allows verified businesses to have an official account that displays the business’ name (plus a green tick) instead of a phone number—even if the recipient doesn’t have the contact saved. This helps give your conversation messages a brand, reducing the chances of your content being ignored by your audience.

Know the Types of Messages

There are two types of WhatsApp Business messages: template messages and session messages. Template messages are pre-approved content for outbound notifications (e.g., delivery alerts or appointment reminders) that are used if more than twenty-four hours have passed since the user last responded to you–these templates can’t be used for marketing. Session messages, on the other hand, are WhatsApp interactive messages sent and received after a user makes contact. It’s important to know which of these WhatsApp message types to use at the right times–with the right content, whether it’s campaigns, order updates, or personalized recommendations, among others—to maximize your WhatsApp Cloud API business account.

Broadcast Messages

WhatsApp’s broadcast feature lets businesses send mass personalized messages to their customers. For example, if you have an event or promo that you want to send to your contacts with their individual names on the message, then you can use this WhatsApp feature to do so.

Sell Products

WhatsApp Cloud API allows businesses to sell products through the messaging platform; this reduces shopping barriers for customers, increasing conversions. You can also generate payment links that you can send to users for more convenient business transactions.

Enable Chatbots

Enabling chatbots is an efficient way to solve common customer problems without having to elevate the conversation to customer service representatives. You can even set up interactive conversations so that your audience won’t feel like they’re speaking to a robot. A WhatsApp developer can help you create a conversation robot for your WhatsApp business account.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Freelance Developer for Automated Messages?

Like all skilled freelance services, the rates you pay vary depending on the technical abilities, expertise, and talent of your selected WhatsApp developer. Guru has a vast bank of capable professionals, so you can pick the WhatsApp developer that is the best fit for your brand and your marketing objectives.

Most WhatsApp API development projects are quoted for the complete package of work, so the easiest way to compare pricing is to include all your key deliverables in a detailed job post and wait for the best-qualified developers to get in touch.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Professional WhatsApp Developer?

WhatsApp programmers and developers have a huge array of specialties. Without the right technical know-how, it can be difficult for busy business owners and marketing managers to utilize this communications tool to the full extent of its functionality!

A freelance WhatsApp developer can recommend the right way to integrate the WhatsApp API into your messaging systems and customer outreach strategies and ensure you reap the rewards of forward-thinking, proactive brand connections with your audience. 

How Can Businesses Improve Reach and Customer Service Through WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp Cloud API is a golden opportunity to meet your audience where they are, establish dialogues and engagement, and use a verified business account for security and consumer confidence.

Companies can circulate personalized messages in seconds, interact one-on-one, provide secure messaging support to help customers solve queries or find the answers to their questions, and ultimately ensure every customer has a first-rate experience when talking to, hearing from, or engaging with your business.

Make the Most Out of WhatsApp Cloud API With a Whatsapp Developer From Guru

WhatsApp Cloud API is simple, but you may be missing out on its best features if you’re not fully adept at how to use it from a developer’s perspective. This is why you should hire a WhatsApp developer on Guru!

WhatsApp developers can be a valuable addition to your business. A WhatsApp developer can help you set up your environment, and test, build, and integrate the WhatsApp Cloud API into your stack, facilitating the execution of better communication strategies to grow and scale your business.

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