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Are you in need of a brand name for your business,products, or services? We offer you a world class market research-driven results interspersed with SEO methodology.

I have done a couple of Brand Identity Development which included brand name preference,logo conceptualization ,domain name (website bamebchoices) , to mention a few.

Choosing a name for your brand, website or business is to sellidg your brand and how you increase your visibility and web presence.

We have developed a methodology out of this art and science of choosing a name for your brand,products, services or business

Our consultancy and services cover or includes these milestones:
1.We send you our CLIENT QUESTIONAIRE to determine what you do;

2. We develop a BUYER'S PERSONA which is directional to knowing your target customers and their pain points;

3. We do an industey-biased KEYWORD RESEARCH using tools to determine your competitions;

4. We swing into our MARKET RESEARCH by developing QUESTIONNAIRES out of the results obtained so far for a BRAND NAME PREFERENCE SURVEY - online;

5. We conclude this project by sending you a comprehensive BRAND NAME PREFERENCE SURVEY REPORT with key findings , recommendation and other important advice for your brand.
However, if time is a limited commodity with you ,and you just want a name pronto, we can do the traditional brand nomenclature where we give you a list of names to choose from the result of our industry-based KEYWORD RESEARCH. This will cost you $75 which is the charge equivalent of the CLIENT QUESTIONAIRES we will mail to you.

Implementing all these work I usually maintain a close-gap communication with client to carry the client into every phase of the project. I use productivity tools like WhatsApp, TeamViewer to mention a few. I do SkypeSo I am adding Skype now.

I can send in a few similar work we did for our clients.

Mail me if you are interested in our methodology to have our recent December 2016 Project for Mobile App Name Preference Survey for an Online Payment Company, design

Skype: pyramidzone

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