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Embedded Systems Expert -- Raspberry Pi

After a Master's degree, I have acquired 4+ years of experience in Embedded systems Design. I am specialized in Firmware development for Modern Electronics Devices and wearables.

My technology stack includes but is not limited to:
? Programming Languages: C, C++, Python, Go,
? Web-Technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, Node.JS, REST Services
? C++ Libraries: STL, Qt, Boost, Eigen, Multi-threading
? Controllers: Arduino (Atmel), ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, PIC, PLC
? IDEs / Software: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Proteus (ISIS & ARES), Eagle

I am an individual with adequate technical expertise, theoretical knowledge and the right kind of aptitude to responsibly get the work done within the specified time. I can do projects with great efficiency and accuracy. Hands-on experience of challenging projects in the past some years, together with my skillset makes me an appropriate choice for you.

Skills & Expertise

ArduinoC++Computer EngineerDesignElectro Mechanical DesignElectronic Circuit DesignEmbedded DevelopmentEmbedded SystemsHTMLHTML5Internet of Things (IoT)IotJavaScriptNode.jsProgrammingPythonRaspberry PiWeb Development

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