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Writing & Translation

Eros M.Lima (Linkedin) Language Skills

Freelance Consultancy Whens Required (Looking for Asian|American Projects) Shit Knowledge

Business Executive | Marketing and Academic Research | Sales | Customer Services | Advertising | Transcriptor | Editor

Strategic Business Thinking, Using Market Research, Creativity, and Problem-Solving. Communications
Período 2004 – o momento Duração do emprego 13 anos

-Linguist: expertise in Trascription, Translation and Interpreter (Eng to Port|Port to Eng), use pragmatics (logic) and semantics (interpretation of the problem), skills like:

-Creative Writing and Design (Image|Culture|Antropology|Brand), Marketing Advertising and Research (Telephone Interviews), Monitoring and Editor of Audios, Videos, Interviews, Subtitles, using for jobs in:

-Medical Health Documents, Articles, Manual, Handbooks, Websites, Personal Linkedin, Bid Proposals, Construction Services, Billings, Invoices, Contingences, Rules, Contracts, Business Agreements, Pharmaceutical Prescribing Information, Chemical Documents, Audios, Interviews, Games,

-Review government and companies labor contigences, (plus immigration) and taxes benefits with credits,

-International and Tranversion: Freigth-in and out, Bridges loans, laws, money exchange, best practices of governance. Virtual Accounting (SPED at Brasil), Compliance Check.

-Economic and Marketing Research (quantitative and qualitative), Inbound, outbound, portifolio management, Data Entry, Analyst, (4years),

-Auditor (Internal|External), Outsourcing, Regulatory Environment Review (all Process), Giving new Insight Perspectives (8 years).

m prepared to apply a wide range of high quality data collection techniques:
- Face-to-face interviews (PAPI and CAPI)
- Telephone interviewing: paper&pen, CATI, COW, CAWI
- In-depth interviews
- Focus Groups Discussion
- Business to Business Research
- In-hall tests
- Web surveys

Business Executive | Marketing and Academic Research | Sales | Customer Ser
Sr. Consultant looking for (a new Project) Innovative Communications (POWERFUL LinkedIn® Profile) MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil + de 500 + de 500 conexões

I'm goods believer.
"Fiat Lux, In Illo Tempore, Ab Origine, Homo Universali" Latin Expressions

Possibles Connections (37.815.542. results)??by linkedin 10/01/2017 (Printed)

I-The Law of the success??
Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) 2000

II-Literature Classics of the:
World Mithology and Philosophy (1990-2017)

III-The Trade of the Big Virtues (André Comte-Sponville)

IV-The Effective Executive \Peter Drucker/

*Chronological?? Timeline (Tool) History Road Map Life Fragmentation Storytelling (SEO)

This profile was design for you Met my professional and academics steps, to get you know me Better.

(English|Portuguese Fluent, With a little help of the research and corrector +15 years of Expertise in communications)

After more than 12+ Years with a progress carreer having the best experience, building a Solid

Skills & Expertise

Contextual AdvertisingData EntryData ResearchE-advertisingEcommerceEnglish LanguageGoogle ReaderHomesiteHTMLLinkedInMarketingPortuguese to English TranslationSAP ERPSocial Media MarketingSQLTranscriptionTranslationTranslation English To PortugueseWeb 2.0Web DevelopmentWeb SalesWriting

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