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Creative, resourceful and flexible, able to adapt to changing priorities and maintain a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

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Adobe PhotoshopBrochure DesignBusiness Card DesignData EntryDesignLabel DesignLead GenerationLogo DesignPhoto & Image EditingPhoto ManipulationT Shirt DesignTranscriptionT-shirt Graphics

3 Reviews for This Service

  • Redboots4u says,

    I am leaving his feedback after leaving him two previous feedbacks. Read my first two and you will see how much I enjoy working this new freelancer in guru! Sheraz is just AWESOME!

    for Symbol - female and male hair services on Jun 25, 2019

  • Redboots4u says,

    I am very happy I got to work with Sheraz again! He is so patient, and so willing to accept a diverse opinion about the project he is creating for his client. He also will recommend a professional edit that will improve your project. One you might not have thought of and is a better choice. He without push back allows you to make the choice and move on with your project as instructed. If you find you should have gone with his advice, he never has a problem doing the extra edits.

    for Symbol - female and male hair services on Jun 25, 2019

  • Redboots4u says,

    Sheraz Murad is a new freelancer in guru. However, I been here for years! I often take a chance on new freelancer even though they don’t have a pack resume. Many pack resumes are not what they cut out to be. I learn the lesson years ago on guru. Though Sheraz resume is slim he got the creativity to be very original, the patience and understanding of clients in order to deliver a magnificent satisfying product. When he sent me my first drafts of logos, I was stunned at the detail and how fast he was delivering my product. In two days, it was done! He completed all edits and final products. I AM SO HAPPY I GAVE THIS GENTLEMAN A CHANCE! I AM SURE YOU WILL ENJOY WORKING WITH HIM AND BE SATISFY. As an extra bonus, I will add, for the quality of product he produces he is very affordable. No disappoint from his first client, me. I am sure I will use him again.

    for Barbershop Logo for African American Men on Jun 20, 2019