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I worked at Google and have optimized 700+ paid ads accounts over my decade-long career. Hire me to build your Google ads account from scratch, optimize and update old campaigns, develop new ads for search and display, etc.

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– Implementation of New Campaign, Creative, and Targeting Ideas
– Ongoing Observation of Search Terms Reports for Negative Keywords
– Refinement of Targeting (Audiences, Locations, Schedule, etc.)
– Bid Adjustments to Keep You At The Top of Google Search Results
– Deployment of New Features, When Available & Relevant
– Merchant Center Management (If Applicable)
– Occasional Advisory for Other Digital Marketing Platforms (Upon Request)
– Calls to Discuss & Brainstorm Growth Ideas (Upon Request)
– Resolution of Policy Issues (Ad Copy, Trademarks, Etc.)
– Prevention of Fraudulent Competitor Behavior & Irrelevant Click SPAM
– Updates (As Needed) from Website Changes (Fixing URL 404 Errors)
– Ongoing Management of Bing or Amazon Ads is +5 Hours/Month (Each)

Skills & Expertise

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2 Reviews for This Service

  • Daniel 1635 says,

    Josh has to be one of the best freelancers you can find! He laid out exactly what he was going to do and anything he needed from us to do his job effectively. Not only did he do this job perfectly, but he was willing to help us with many other challenges facing our business outside of this realm. He truly cares about the businesses he works with and it has felt like he has been a core part of the team from day 1. If you have a chance to work with him, do it!

    for Design Help + Google PPC SEM Ads on Sep 02, 2020

  • Greg 498 says,

    Josh has been amazing to work with, and has exceeded all expectations. This has been the best experience and the best results for any google ads, online marketing people we have worked with. Thank you so much and will continue to work with Josh and his team at Berk Labs.

    for Google AdWords + PPC Landing Page CRO on Sep 01, 2020