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Mobile Apps are the difference between a simple visit v/s a solid conversion. A mobile App gets your client hooked onto your business and keeps you connected. It is the most successful medium for generating repeat business and as such one you simply cannot do without.
Types of mobile Apps we develop:
No matter your budget whether you are a small local shop or a big national brand we have the right solution, tailored to suit your specific requirement and budget.

You can choose from the following of uor mobile development offerings:

1) Webview App: this simply takes your existing website and makes it viewable through an app.
(all functionalities and features are based on existing format on the website) usually there are less features than on the website due to the limitatins of the mobile platform.
This is the cheapest kind of App and can be finished within a weeks time. Suitable for people looking to simply release information to their clients and keep in touch with them through the App with most of the transactions taking place throught the website or directly the actual physical store.

2) Hybrid App: Hybrid Apps work are bult using frameworks such as Ionic or React Native or Flutter etc. The work done on these frameworks get extracted in the native APK and DMG for andriod and iOS respectively. So even though they are built from one code platform they behave nearly just as Native Apps.
This provides better performance and more functionality and better user experience, hence most popular choice for all light to heavy mobile apps. Suitable for most small to large businesses.

Native Apps: These apps are coded induvidually for Andriod using Andriod studio (coded in JAVA) and for Apple using Xcode (using the swift language).
This approach is suitable for people who are developing very heavy apps such as high end gaming or while creating something unique where each and every functionality needs to be coded fresh and security and privacy are extremely important. This is the most time consuming and expensive option.

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