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Affordable, Accurate and Fast Transcription services at the ready for both audio and video projects. Including podcasts, interviews, YouTube videos, Narrated documentaries, Lectures, Audiobooks and personal/creative content videos.
Work with Marietta, an avid typist and professional wordsmith. She has a sharp mind, running fingers (no pun intended) and professional approach. As a freelance writer and an ardent student of music I don't just transcribe the words, I care about the finished product; therefore I work diligently in order to cater to the needs, requirements and expectations of my clients with no room for error.

I have been transcribing audio and video for a while now and whether it's an odd thing to say, or perhaps rarely admitted - I truly enjoy it. My delivery of the completed transcription is fast and well revised, of both audio and video files for up to 60 minutes in ONLY 24hours or LESS!!!
My Services Include Accurately Transcribing of:
• Podcasts
• Interviews
• YouTube Videos
• Personal videos/Creative content
• Lectures
• Audio books
• Narrated documentaries
• Music
- My objectives for EACH Transcription:
• SPEED (ensuring that I always deliver on time)
• ACCURACY (I make it a priority to ensure the content of the finished project has not been altered or tampered with in any way. Transcribing it word-for-word *unless the client requests it be edited and grammatically corrected*
• CONFIDENTIALITY (clients may rest assured knowing their audio/video file's security is never at risk to third party exposure)
- Your completed transcript will be delivered:
• Properly punctuated
• In PDF or Word formate
• Free of spelling errors
• Written/styled according to the specifications of the client (if any are prior requested).
- Why you should Hire me for your project:
• My transcription work utilizes the science of concise writing, reliable audio technology and keen audio accuracy.
• SPEEDY delivery
• Great response rate
• Quality service
• Always completes the order

Your payment, regardless of the package also includes:
- Proofreading and structure
- Speaker identification (if necessary)
- Time reference

- PLEASE ENSURE that the quality of your file is well and clear before placing your order (or if it is convent for you, rather send the video/audio before ordering to make sure I can do a good quality transcription for you). In case it is unclear, don't despair; kindly notify me so I can send you a custom order. Otherwise, clients also have the option of my placing time stamps at the precise duration point of unclear spoken words in the formate i.e [inaudible mm:ss] e.g [inaudible 11:34]

POLITE REMINDER: KINDLY remember to leave a constructive comment for feedback to help share the experience so that these services can be accredited and mutually beneficial. I will genuinely appreciate it, because a bit of kindness goes a long way. Thank you.

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