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On average, two million blog posts are published on the internet every day. That's a staggering amount of content added to the big mound that's already published. If your content is not well written and optimized for search engines, it is going to be very tough for it to rise from above this huge pile to where your target readers can find it.

What's also true about the massive amount of content that's published on the internet is most of it is junk, and the web is choking from it. I don't enjoy reading content that's poorly written and does not offer me any value. So I have made a conscious decicion not to burden others with it.

I will write content that address your readers' needs. Seeing that most of them will access your wbsite from a mobile device, I make sure the articles are clearly readable on mobile screens that are smaller than desktops. My arguments flow, with short sentences and paragrahs that are easy to digest.

I desist from writing headlines and subheads that sound like they were spat out by a keyword research tool. I also dislike thrid-person corporate speak that bore readers to death (if they haven't hit the back button already). Instead, I write in a cheery, conversational voice that engage the reader.

I will be thrilled if we can work together. It is through relevant, targeted content that battles are won online. With my web writing skills, fighting in your corner, I am confident we can give your business and brand a real advantage on the world wide web.

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