4 Easy Ways to Hire Freelancers on Guru

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Looking to hire freelancers?

Whether you have someone in mind or want to find someone new, we’ve introduced a few changes to make the process easier.

Here are four ways you can hire freelancers on Guru.

1. Post your job to receive new quotes.
Gone are the days of posting a job, not knowing how many freelancers will match your requirements. Our new interactive form tells you exactly how many matches are found as you create your job posting. Use real-time updates to guide your choices.

2. Rehire freelancers fast.
Quickly rehire someone by shortcutting the process of posting a job. Simply describe the work you need done, and select the option to rehire. That’s it! You can rehire from the job posting form, or from the My Freelancers page.

3. Get a quote from a freelancer’s profile.
Like the work you see on a freelancer’s profile? Invite them to give you a quote on a job you need to have done! Select from the jobs you’ve already posted, or post a new one right from their profile.

4. Get quotes while searching services.
The next time you find a service you’re interested in, request the freelancer to give you a quote on a job. You can post a new job directly from the search page so you can continue browsing after you’re done. You can even ask for more than one quote at a time!

Get started today. Post a Job


  1. What is the difference? Reply


    What is the difference between 1, 3, and 4? Seems to me that 3 and 4 are just short cuts to the same job post. is it not so? Does it save you any time when you post directly? Does it allow to contact the freelancer privately and directly?

  2. How can I write to Guru directly. I missed a message from a freelancer and then asked for a refund but then discovered he has done some work and was waiting for me to review it. How do I cancel the refund request and allow him to continue. I have tried a couple of things which don’t appear to have worked. He seems to have been blocked. It is very frustrating not being able to find a simple way to communicate with guru.

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