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Do I Need a Tech Pack?

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The fashion industry is employing millions of people around the world, thanks to the growing demand for unique, high-class fashion items. Therefore, if you’re looking for an auspicious area to invest in, then fashion is a good choice. As you get into this industry, you need to learn its ins and outs so that you can run your business professionally.

The first thing you need to be well acquainted with is the tech pack (technical package). There are many important aspects to consider when getting started with tech packs, such as, what a tech pack in fashion is, how much a tech pack costs, and if you even need a tech pack at all, as they come particularly in handy when working to boost collaboration and save costs. It’s important to understand these elements before you venture into the fashion industry to begin with.

What Is a Fashion Tech Pack?

‘Tech pack’ is short for the term ‘technical package,’ which refers to the document issued to a fashion manufacturer by a fashion designer or brand as a blueprint for the entire process of producing a fashion item. In some parts of the world, this document is also referred to as a tech spec (technical specification), specification pack, garment worksheet (GWS), or bill of materials (BOM).

The manufacturer refers to this document to read your mind so that the final product is exactly as you wanted it. Therefore, when you’re preparing your tech pack, include as many details about the garment as possible to paint a clear picture of the expected final garment.

Your tech pack should contain all the necessary technical details, specifications, and design instructions to guide the manufacturer. Consider this document one of your most critical communication channels with your manufacturer. Any slight breakdown in communication between you and the manufacturer can be disastrous.

If you don’t know how to create a professional and effective fashion tech pack, you can hire a tech packer to do it for you. Thankfully, there are reliable freelancer hiring platforms, like Guru, where you can find skilled and experienced tech pack designers who’ll work for you remotely. 

What Is the Importance of a Tech Pack in Fashion?

There are many reasons why you need to prepare a tech pack for every fashion garment you wish to produce. Here are the main benefits of creating this crucial document when producing any fashion item:

Saving Time and Money

Because the tech pack is a blueprint for the final product, your manufacturer won’t keep coming back to you for clarifications. Therefore, your products will be manufactured quickly and efficiently. For your tech pack to serve this purpose effectively, it has to be comprehensive, readable, and easy to understand.

This is why it’s important to hire a professional tech packer to create it for you. Because they’ve handled similar projects numerous times before, they’ll have the necessary know-how to create something that meets all the industry standards. As noted above, any error in your tech pack can cost you a whole batch of high-class fashion garments.

To avoid wasting your money and raw materials, you need to create well-organized and comprehensible tech packs. Your tech packer needs to know all the essential elements of a tech pack and include them in every pack before it goes to the manufacturer.

High-Quality Fashion Products

A well-drafted tech pack helps to improve the quality of your products by enabling the manufacturer to use the right colors, patterns, styles, measurements, seams, and more. If you include images and sketches of the final garment in the tech pack, they’ll make your manufacturer’s work easier. An informative sketch will also help the manufacturer to get all the measurements right for a perfect fit.

Accurate Price Quotations

The manufacturer will rely on the information provided in your tech pack to write a quotation. Therefore, be as detailed as possible in your tech pack so that your manufacturer can estimate the cost of the project more accurately. Remember that the cost of the project depends on the complexity of the designs, patterns, measurements, and color selection.

Better Collaboration

A tech pack allows for a collaborative atmosphere where designers, developers, shoppers, and quality control experts work together effortlessly to develop high-quality fashion items. They just need to find a way to share the document remotely–for instance, they can transform it into a digital file that can be shared on different online platforms; your professional tech pack creator can make sure this is done as seamlessly as possible.

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