To help you protect your account, we are rolling out a new feature that gives you the chance to verify your phone number. If you ever find yourself locked out with no access to your email, you’ll be able to request that a security code be sent to your phone number to recover your account.

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Community Support


  1. Katherine Kotaw

    Hi, Jake,

    I tried to verify my phone number and received a message that the number was invalid.

    If I don’t need to verify the number, I can let this go. If I do, how do I prove that the number is valid?

    Thank you.

  2. Sudeep

    I registered on Guru as a freelancer some years back. I registered as an employer some months back. I was unable to verify my telephone number since the number already existed in guru database, probably as a freelancer.
    I am locked out of my employer account as I don’t remember security question answers. With considerable amounts in my employer account, I am unable to log into my account though I am using the same laptop. Is there a way I can log in.

  3. Kelly Thompson

    Hi Jake,
    It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from Guru. For me that has been 3 house moves ago and my phone number has changed from the one that I put in when I registered. If I want verification, my old phone number will not work. How can I give you my new one and assure you that it is really me?

    • Jake

      Hi Kelly–when you log into your account you’ll be prompted to verify a phone number. When prompted you can enter any phone number you want as long as it’s a mobile phone.


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