Establish Credibility. Get Quotes from the Right Freelancers.

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Posting a job on Guru is the first step towards hiring a Freelancer. Our job post form has been designed to capture your requirements and help you attract the most qualified Freelancers for your job. 

However, to get the attention of the right Freelancers, it is essential that you share the job requirements in detail. The category, subcategory, and the skills that you select help the Freelancers find your job on Guru. The job title motivates the Freelancers to read your post and the job description helps them evaluate if they can deliver the work.

To know more about how you should fill the job post form to hire talented Freelancers, read our blog.

While the above elements of the job post form help you get the attention of Freelancers who are right for your job, to get Quotes from them it is important that you establish credibility on the platform.

A well-crafted job post along with validations that establish credibility is the winning combination to get Quotes from Freelancers who are right for your job.

As an Employer on Guru, here are the validations that you must consider to establish credibility on the platform:

  1. Post a Featured Job
    Featured Jobs indicate your commitment towards hiring Freelancers on the platform. It costs $29.95 to feature your job for 30 days. The option is available once you have posted the job.
  2. Get Your ID Verified
    Employers with verified ID have a green check next to the screen name. To initiate your ID Verification, from your “Dashboard” click on “Edit my Account” and select the “ID Verification” tab. Submit the requested documents, and expect a response within one business day. Getting your ID verified is free for Employers.
  3. Add a Verified Payment Method
    Adding a verified payment method to your account indicates that you are set to make payments. You can add any of the following payment methods – bank account (U.S.), credit card, PayPal.

We suggest that you use the above validations to establish credibility on the platform, increase job exposure, and get Quotes from the right Freelancers.

We also recommend that you work towards building your payment history over time. The more work you get done on Guru, the stronger your payment history (All-Time Spends), the higher your credibility, and the more exposure your job gets.

This week, we have made updates on the site that will help you understand where you stand on the credibility validations, once you have posted the job. You will be able to see the expected response level for your job and suggestions on how you can increase the job exposure to get more Quotes from the right Freelancers.

At Guru, we are continuously adding features that enhance your experience of getting work done online. We are confident that if you use these features you will be able to attract the right Freelancers, hire the best fit, and maximize the value for your money spent.

Guru is an online freelancing platform that helps Employers find experienced Freelancers to get work done securely and cost-effectively. If you are an Employer looking for Freelancers with a specific skill, post your job on Guru, and get Quotes within hours.

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