On May 14 we’re introducing “featured jobs”, making it easier for you to spot jobs backed by employers who value quality work.

When an employer posts a featured job, they’re signaling that they mean business. After all, if they’re willing to invest in a job posting, they’re most likely willing to invest in hiring the right freelancer for the job.

While employers pay to feature their jobs, you can apply for no extra charge.

When you apply, make sure your proposal doesn’t get lost in the shuffle! Spend a little extra time putting it together to increase your chances of being hired.

How can I stand out when applying for featured jobs?

  1. Tailor your proposal to the job. Include Work Collections in your proposal. Handpick work from your Guru portfolio to show you’re the best choice for the job
  2. Check your matching skills. The skills from your profile that match the job are listed below your proposal. The more matches you have, the better your chances! You can tag skills in your Services and Work Collections.
  3. Look for typos. Featured jobs receive more applicants, so it’s important that you pay attention to details. A few careless mistakes can make an employer skip over your proposal.
  4. Carefully follow instructions. Sometimes an employer will include a buried question or special instructions to see which freelancers are thoroughly reading the description. Be sure you address these in your proposal!
  5. Search Featured Jobs on Guru

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  1. SN Technology

    Thank You
    This information is very helpful for new enterprises at guru.com

  2. Ghayas Ur Rehman

    That’s really a great advancement, however I have noticed that after submitting the proposal there is no indication on the proposal at employers end that the proposal is sent by executive, professional or whatever profile status is, if freelancers are paying more for better profile features, that batch must be prominently included with the proposal to let me know that freelancers have paid and are willing to work like now employers will do the same for featured projects

  3. Manny

    Is doubtless a great information to enhance the quality of our bid proposal



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