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How Do Fashion Designers Draw Clothes?

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Fashion designers are some of the most important people when it comes to the creation of new clothing, especially ones that aim to innovate and introduce something new to the industry.

Whenever a company debuts a new line of clothing, they need the assistance of freelance fashion designers, or in-house designers, as they can provide a lot of value and benefits to the entire production process.

But the question on many people’s minds is, how do designers actually draw clothes, and what does the procedure look like? To answer this question, today, we will be taking a look at the entire process.

Fashion Designers and Their Role in the Industry

Fashion designers typically have a unique, distinctive way of drawing. Their models are seen as elegant and simple, and a majority of the details that are showcased will be major parts of the clothing. 

When it comes to the tools they have on hand, the general rule is that they utilize a pencil, a felt-tip pen for inking, and a set of colored pencils. This can provide them with a good basis for making convincing designs related to fashion.

There is obviously also a method through which they can draw digitally in applications such as Photoshop, using drawing tablets from Wacom, for example. However, most of them stay true to the original drawing method as it can provide far more freedom in how they move their tools.

With the advancements in drawing tablet technology, however, they do still provide the advantage of direct, high-resolution files that can be sent to clients, but each method has its own pros and cons.

The first step a designer typically takes is picking the way in which they will be providing the drawings of the clothing, depending on their preferences.

Drawing the Model

Designers begin by creating models, which are drawn in poses that are typically showcased throughout a fashion show as a means of seeing what the clothes would look like in real situations. 

They begin by drawing a circle for the head, following the shape of the face, and adding the guidelines for the body. They carry on by adding the outline for the dress and drawing the basic features of the face. They can add the hair as they see fit and even add details on the clothing afterward. 

They then erase the draft lines and can add coloring. Note that there are numerous sketch styles that are unique to each designer. While this is not a definitive way to draw the model, and each artist is unique, it should provide a general idea of how all of it works. Anyone can begin researching how to make fashion design sketches online, or attend courses on the subject.

Designing the Clothing and Accessories

The designer then needs to present clothes that meet the current fashion trends or innovate on different levels. They need to have a confident style of drawing. If they are using digital software solutions as a means of creating the clothing, they will typically utilize a new layer over the models. This avoids the risk of needing to redraw everything and do time-consuming retouching in case they make an error. The only thing that’s left for them to do is to create a collection of original, creative clothing that follows trends and respects the proportions surrounding the mannequins.

They then move on to more details that can provide them with a solid result. They can also represent the texture of the materials and ensure that the patterns are correct while providing the right elements to the dressmaker that will eventually make the finalized product.

Inking and Coloring the Designs

In order to finalize the sketch in question, each designer will then need to make final adjustments. These are required in order for them to be able to visualize the important elements surrounding the drawing process.

Picking the Right Designer for Your Project

By utilizing Guru, which is the best platform to hire fashion designer freelancers, any company or individual can get access to great designs with ease and don’t need to do any of the heavy procedures involved with completing the process on their own.

Designing clothing is a skill, a talent, and there are people who dedicate their entire lives to mastering it. With today’s technology and opportunities, anyone can leverage these services and get high-quality designs with ease–and freelancers from Guru are ready to help!

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