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How Is Technical Writing Used?

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Technical writers document complex procedures and information in a user-friendly way. This applies typically in fields related to the sciences, such as technology or manufacturing. These concepts can be difficult for someone outside of these fields to understand. Technical writing breaks down these concepts in a comprehensive way. Both in-house and freelance technical writers are skilled at this work.

Technical writing is under the umbrella surrounding technical documentation, which itself is a sub-field of business communication.

Any of the technical documents or other content of technical writing takes numerous shapes and forms, including:

  • User manuals
  • Reports
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Wiki Pages
  • And more

Technical writers support businesses by making their products and content accessible to wider audiences.

Technical Writing and Its Role

Technical writing encompasses a broad range of fields and there are numerous types of technical writing users can come across. First, we’ll discuss what a technical writer does, and the kinds of documents they create.

Technical Documentation

In order for anyone to utilize a technical product, clear instructions are a requirement. This applies to heavy-duty machinery, tools, or anything else that requires directions for safe usage. These products are widely used by engineers, mechanics, and other workers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. This audience is required to thoroughly understand the tools and products they use in their work.

As a result, technical documentation is required to communicate these instructions and ensure that the user does not make any fatal error. This is the most common type of technical writing and can be found in the form of manuals, maintenance guidelines, references, and specifications.

End-User Instructions

Unlike the aforementioned traditional documentation, end-user instructions aren’t for highly complicated or industrial-level machinery or equipment. They are tailored towards day-to-day gadgets and software that is utilized by ordinary consumers as well as business professionals.

Some of the examples here would include the instruction manuals given with new smartphones, car handbooks, or software packages.

The goal of this documentation is to minimize the requests that the customer service department gets. With manuals and user-friendly information, consumers have access to everything they need in order to get the setup procedure completed and running. 

Technical Writer Reports

Technical report writing is another aspect of the industry that encompasses a wide range of products. These reports refer to the documentation which keeps track of complicated procedures, such as the maintenance report or a product’s history. 

These reports follow specific, strict writing and formatting rules. The organization preparing these reports determines these structures in advance. These rules can also be set by external parties in case any auditing requirements occur.

Policies or Other Procedures

Another aspect of technical writing relates to policies and procedures. All companies have a set of specific policies and formal procedures which the employees need to follow. This maintains a high level of productivity and creates a safe working environment whilst reducing liability risks.

Moreover, technical writers can prepare the policies through the supervision of a compliance officer or anyone else within senior management divisions. 

Business Plans

Technical writing, in a traditional sense, did not always encompass business plans. However, as the industry evolved, there was a need for more extensive research dealing with numbers and specific targets.

A business plan is essentially a document that goes over the various strategies created for people who aim to invest. This means that it needs to feature:

  • Business Introductions 
  • Business Models 
  • Specific Selling Points
  • Customer Research 
  • Competitor Research
  • Marketing Strategies 
  • Financial Projections

This means that each plan needs to be expertly written as a means of ensuring interest. 

Case Studies

Case studies are documents that feature detailed information surrounding a project, event, or procedure. The goal is to provide proper guidance, insights, or proof.

Technical writers can be handy here when there are case studies surrounding technology or other utilities that can be difficult to understand. 

Getting the Best Technical Writing Experts

Technical Writers will typically work in a variety of different industries, ranging from engineering to sciences, medicine, and technology. This means that they are not tied to a single industry. They conduct extensive research or work with developers, engineers, or other technical experts to get information. This results in accurate as well as user-friendly documentation. 

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