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How Many Ads Can I Post on Craigslist a Day?

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Since its launch in 1995, Craigslist has had a solid reputation as a go-to website for recruiters and marketers who’d like to post classified ads. The online advertising giant started off as an events email list in San Francisco. Only a few decades later, Craigslist now hosts millions of adverts per month from various cities in America, as well as several other countries. If like many other advertisers, you’d like to post multiple adverts on Craigslist, you’ll likely wonder; how many ads can I post on Craigslist a day?

Craigslist allows each user account to post one advert in the same category and same city every 48 hours. But that doesn’t mean you can post the same ad in different categories or in cities that are close to each other. Doing so will earn your ad automatic removal. What this means is you can post pretty much as many ads as you want—they just have to be unique and targeted to people in different cities. 

How Often Can I Post on Craigslist?

As we mentioned before, Craigslist is one of the biggest classifieds advertising platforms to ever exist online. For this reason, recruiters and advertisers actively seek ways to maximize their online audience. But to ensure that visitors aren’t inundated by spam and a lot of repeated content, Craigslist only allows users to post one advert in the same category and city every 48 hours. It’s important to strictly adhere to the set rules and regulations. That’s because there’s a system that actively identifies duplicate content and blocks repeated adverts. Since the platform is community policed, other users can flag any suspicious adverts and provide a reason for taking such an action. Owing to this security protocol, similar adverts that are posted using different accounts are taken down all the time.

Over Posting on Craigslist

To continue getting excellent leads on Craigslist, it’s important to remain a rule-abiding user. And that includes making sure you don’t violate the posting limits. Over posting includes any measure that you can think of to get around these protocols. This includes frequent posts, posting similar ads in different categories within 48 hours, and posting in multiple cities that are located close to each other. It’s always advisable to create a separate listing for a different city.

Renewing a Listing to the Top of the Page

While posting the same ad before 48 hours is prohibited, you’re free to do it afterward. Why would you do that? Craigslist publishes adverts in a sequence, where older ads gradually fall down the pile and get fewer views. To make sure your advert remains evergreen, keeping the greatest number of leads possible, you can repost your ad. If you’re looking to recruit new employees, bumping up your ad will ensure that you receive more applications from well-suited applicants. 

Renewing your ad isn’t rocket science. Simply visit the “My Account” tab on the Craigslist website. Enter your log-in information and all your listings will appear as a table. Scroll through your listings and select the one that you’d like to renew. Click the repost button displayed on the active post and you’re good to go. You can use the same process to renew expired posts. 

Craigslist Posters

If you really must post multiple ads against the rules, then your best bet may be to use a Craigslist posting service. A Craigslist Poster specializes in posting multiple ads in different cities around the clock. The best part? Most times, you only have to pay for the ads that have gone live. If the team you hire gets any blocked ads, you won’t have to pay for those. Also of note, Craigslist does offer free ads


After decades of dominating the online classifieds niche, Craigslist remains a leading online advertising brand. That’s why pretty much every recruiter and small business owner in the US has at least thought about posting an ad on the website. Challenges, however, arise when some users want to dominate the space by posting the same ad multiple times. To keep their space spam-free Craigslist only allows each user to post one ad in each category and each city every 48 hours. 

When it comes to sequencing, Craigslist lists adverts in the order in which they are published. Repost your ad to make sure it consistently appears at the top of the list throughout its lifespan. Bumping up your post is quite easy, as a renew button is available. From Craigslist posters to Power Automate consultants, you can find the expert you need on Guru.

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