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How Much Do Bloggers Charge per Post?

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Your business blog is crucial. While it may seem easy to dismiss how important it is at first, you need to consider its potential reach. Once something is placed on the internet, its viewing potential becomes literally limitless. If your business blog is done well, it can reach the attention of countless people in countries all over the world. And the more people that see your blog, the more successful your business will become. 

The difficult part is that not everyone is a skilled blogger. You may be fantastic at running your business, but, when it comes to skillful writing for an online audience, you might not be as confident. This is where professional bloggers can help. But you will need to pay for this service, and what they charge depends on a number of factors.

What Is a Blogger?

A blogger, in short, is a writer that specialises in writing for online blogs and, sometimes, social media. They are experts at writing for an online audience. It may be tempting to assume that all writing is created equal, but this is not the case. Writing for the internet requires a very specific skill set, with blogging and social media forming a unique niche within online content. 

If you are not experienced in blogging, you owe it to yourself and your business to employ a professional blog writer. They are a worthwhile investment, as they will be able to create content that will help support and grow your business. 

How Much Do Bloggers Charge per Post?

It is tempting to respond to this question by asking the length of a piece of a string. How much a blogger will charge you per post is dependent on several things. Primarily, the blogger’s years of experience along with the length and detail of each post are the strongest guides for how much you can expect to pay for their services.

Blogger Experience

With most professions, the more experienced the person, the more money they tend to charge. Blogging is no exception. Someone who is just starting their journey as a blogger will charge far less than someone who has been working in that capacity for several years. But experience with blogging should not just be measured in terms of years. Some bloggers may have been writing for twenty years, and yet are not as skilled as others who have been doing it for five. 

Check their portfolio. Ask the blogger for examples of their previous work. And do not be put off if they tell you that their content was ghost written, and they are not allowed to show you. Content can easily be redacted to protect client privacy, so beware of any blogger that refuses to show you examples of their writing.

Ideally you should aim to source a blogger who has experience writing online for businesses that are similar to yours. This will show you that they have the ability to understand and write confidently about the subject. The examples they will be able to show you will also be relevant to your needs. But do not ask them to copy what they have already written for someone else, as this is heavily frowned upon in both the writing and the business worlds.

Less experienced bloggers will typically cost around $50 for 500 words of quality content. More seasoned professionals will cost you far more but tend to offer packages. For example, $5,000 will usually get you a highly experienced, professional blogger on retainer for anywhere from two to four weeks, creating multiple posts for you. Whether to pay per word, hourly, or through a package deal arrangement is something you would need to negotiate at the time of hiring.

Blog Post Length

Blog posts are short. They are not designed to be overly lengthy as blogs are structured to provide readers with useful information in an easily digestible format. If a post is too long, the audience will lose interest and be less likely to continue reading. Typically, a standard blog post will be around 500 words. It needs to be long enough to convey all the relevant information and detail, and 500 words tends to be the norm. Learn more about your business’ first blog post.  

As noted above, you should expect to pay a minimum of $50 for a 500-word piece. Of course, you will pay a higher rate if the blogger is more experienced and a specialist at blogging in the chosen topic. But if you have 20,000 words worth of blog content that you need written over multiple posts, you may be better served seeking the services of a blogger who offers packages. This can save you some money as you will not necessarily be paying per 500 words but rather, paying for the entire project.

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