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How Much Do English Tutors Charge Per Hour?

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English tutors are professionals who aim to help their students become fluent in the language. They offer customized lessons and use different educational materials to that individuals through their learning goals. 

Nowadays, you can hire English tutors online for as low as $10 to $15 per hour or as high as over $80 a session. You’re spoilt for choice, with teachers from various backgrounds and experiences ready to help you comprehend the English language just like a native!

The Average Price of English Tutors

When considering what to look for when hiring a tutor for the English language, budget is one of the main things to think about. The average price of English teachers, whether they’re online tutors for English speaking or language instructors for specialized use of the language (e.g. business English), is between $25 to $30 an hour. That said, you can also find tutors who charge below $20 or above $80 per hour.

Factors That Affect the Price of English Tutors

The cost of English tutors varies significantly due to a range of factors, particularly the teacher’s education, experience, and location. A professional who’s educated to a postgraduate level in English or is certified to teach the language will have a better understanding of the subject and will likely charge more. 

The same can be said if the tutor has a background in education, like if they’re trained to be educators. That’s not to say that community tutors who don’t have these credentials aren’t good enough; a lot of people even find that these casual teachers have a more approachable teaching method that makes it easier for them to learn.

Your English tutor’s experience will also drive their price. The more experience they have teaching students like you, the higher they’ll probably charge since they can better navigate lessons to help you achieve your learning objectives.

The location of your English tutor also affects their cost. Teachers that come from certain countries, particularly those from native English-speaking places like the US and the UK, will usually be more expensive.

How to Save on Hiring English Tutors

It doesn’t always follow that the more expensive the English tutor, the better the education you’ll get. You must remember that the best teacher will be the one who’s best suited to your learning style. So, when hiring an English tutor, don’t be pressured to go for the most costly one. Instead, remember these tips to help you save while hiring the best teacher for you.

Do Some Research

Be thorough when you’re narrowing down your choices. Read your teacher’s descriptions, services, etc., as well as reviews from other students.

Shop Based on Your Budget

English tutors charge very differently, and it helps to shop based on what you’re willing to spend. When searching for a teacher, toggle filters that will keep you in a comfortable budget range, then choose from there based on your other criteria.

Choose the Right Platform

Check out the different platforms available from where you can hire your tutor, as some may come with extra fees that can pile onto your bills. You’re likely better off getting someone from a top freelance marketplace like Guru because you can be sure that you’re paying fair prices for the services you need.

How to Find Affordable English Tutors

Here are some ways you can find affordable English tutors:

Post Job Ads

The easiest way to hire English tutors is to post a job ad online, especially in a freelance marketplace like Guru. That way, you’re already exposed to people who are looking to offer their services; in these competitive environments, you’ll often find better prices.

Ask for Referrals

If you’ve already worked with other tutors, ask for referrals. This is a great way to connect with teachers who you can be sure can deliver great service because they’re recommended by others.

Reach Out to Recent Graduates

People who are just out of school will have a refreshing enthusiasm to learn, and this eagerness may just be the extra push you need to get excited to learn the language.

Find Affordable Freelance English Tutors on Guru

Guru, a top online freelance marketplace, offers affordable freelance English tutors that you can hire in a snap! Every professional on the platform is vetted, so you’re guaranteed high-quality service at a price that works for you. To hire, you can simply explore the job page or post an ad yourself. Once you find someone who fits your needs, you can employ them immediately, then manage the job and make payments right on the platform. Conveniently find and hire affordable freelance English tutors on Guru today!

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