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How Much Do Real Estate Virtual Assistants Make Per Hour?

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Curious about a career as a real estate virtual assistant (VA) and want to know about the hourly wage? With more than half of all real estate businesses now depending on their services, this question is worth some consideration. 

On average, VAs make between $16 and $43 per hour depending on their level of experience and skill set. 

This article delves into the factors affecting these rates, providing a comprehensive guide to understanding real estate VA earnings so you can be well-informed before you hire real estate virtual assistants.

Factors Influencing Real Estate VA Rates

If you’re thinking about hiring a real estate VA, it’s important to know what impacts their pay rates. Here are four key factors:

  1. Level of Experience

As with any job, experience matters. A seasoned assistant with years of experience in the real estate industry will likely charge more than a newcomer. The reason for this is that their extensive understanding of the nuances specific to real estate, familiarity with the paperwork, and proven track record of handling tasks efficiently play a big part in the value they can bring to your team.

  1. Scope of Work

What tasks do you need help with? The rates will be lower if these are simple activities, like data entry or answering calls. If you need help with more complicated issues, such as with property management or marketing strategies, you need to spend more for the right talent.

  1. Geographic Location

The cost of living varies considerably in different parts of the country and the world. For instance, VAs living in Massachusetts charge about $30 per hour, while VAs living in Virginia charge approximately $25 per hour. The good news is you can hire VAs from anywhere in the world on Guru, so you can easily find a top-notch assistant who fits your budget!

  1. Skills and Specialization

Lastly, the specific skills and specializations of a VA will influence their rate. For example, a VA with expertise in SEO or digital marketing can command a higher rate because of the added value they provide.

What Is the Role of a Real Estate VA?

A real estate VA is your go-to person for managing tasks remotely. They help make your real estate business run smoother. Here’s a look at some of the best tasks real estate virtual assistants can take on for you:

  • Administrative tasks: VAs handle daily tasks like managing emails, scheduling appointments, and updating your calendar.
  • Client communication: They often interact with clients by answering questions, providing property details, and helping to keep clients satisfied.
  • Marketing: Need to spread the word about your listings? VAs can help. They can manage social media accounts, create engaging content, and help your website rank high on search engines.
  • Property management: Some VAs can also manage properties. They communicate with tenants and handle any issues that arise.
  • Research: In addition, a VA can help you collect information about new properties or market trends. They gather data, analyze trends, and provide you with valuable insights.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a real estate VA is the flexibility it brings. 

How Many Hours Do Real Estate VAs Work?

Unlike traditional office roles, the working hours for a VA can be quite variable. Some real estate VAs work part-time (ten to twenty hours a week), especially when they’re just starting or working for smaller businesses. This can be a perfect arrangement if you need only a little extra help. 

On the other hand, a VA might work full-time for large real estate businesses or those with a higher volume of transactions. This would be around forty hours per week, similar to a typical office job. 

Remember that VAs can adjust their hours to your needs because they work remotely. This means they can help you during peak busy times or even in different time zones. 

Tips for Hiring a Real Estate VA

Now that you know the cost, duties, and working hours of a real estate VA, let’s look at some helpful pointers to keep in mind when you’re ready to hire one.

  1. Language proficiency: Your VA should be fluent in English and easily understandable, especially if they communicate directly with clients or handle written materials.
  2. Self-directed: Look for a VA who doesn’t need constant supervision. This trait is vital for a remote role. They should be able to manage their tasks efficiently without continual oversight.
  3. Full-time or part-time: Be clear about how much help you need. Do you require a full-time assistant, or would a part-time schedule suffice?
  4. Location considerations: Think about where your VA is based. If you’re in the U.S., do you need someone in the same country, or are you open to working with someone from a different part of the world?
  5. Contract clarity: Ensure all terms are clearly outlined in a contract, including payment terms, tasks, working hours, and any other business-specific conditions.

The Takeaway

Hiring a virtual real estate assistant can streamline your business operations. By considering the factors above, you can easily make an informed decision. However, it’s important to note that while cost is an important factor in the hiring process, their value to your business can far outweigh the initial expense!

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