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How Much Does a Django Website Cost?

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When it comes to running a business, setting up a website or developing an app is a no-brainer in today’s ecommerce culture. Companies typically must have a digital storefront to sell their products, strengthen their brand, and provide a unique user experience. 

Django is the Python-based, open-source web application framework that could be the answer to developing your brand’s digital presence. You can use Django for commercial use and to do so, you may want to hire freelance Django developers to help you achieve your online goals.

But, how much does a Django website cost? Read on to see how you can budget for your website development appropriately, without incurring any high, unforeseen costs. 

The Costs of a Django Website

Websites accumulate costs quickly, so it’s beneficial to be aware of those costs well in advance of your site being launched in order to budget more effectively and free up money for investing elsewhere. If you are in the start-up phase of your company, budgeting can be crucial to driving growth and future success. 

First, you’ll need to pay for your website domain and website hosting. These costs can vary, depending on the popularity of your website domain and on the proficiency of your web host. These are usually monthly charges, but you can often obtain discounts if you pay these costs upfront for an entire year. Website domains can cost just a few dollars, while hosts can charge anywhere from $30 to $600. 

Next, you may want to hire a Django website specialist to help develop your website, and their hourly rate will often sit between $60 to $80. Keep an eye on Guru for available freelancers and their rates, as the platform has many skilled web developers to bring your ideas to life.

You’ll also need search engine optimized content for your website, and this content creation will be an ongoing process. If you hire a freelancer to create content for you, they’ll likely charge anywhere from $10 to $45 per hour, or may offer a flat rate per word count.

Why Use a Django Specialist

Although the fees of a Django specialist developer may be some of the costliest in the creation of an online platform, it will likely be worth the investment. 

This developer will build you a website that is optimized for a seamless user experience, bringing about higher customer retention rates. If a customer enjoys using your site, they are more likely to return, making it easier to convert leads. Your brand will be strengthened, which can help marketing campaigns become more effective and bring more bang for your buck.

Additionally, if the website a specialist builds is strong from the get-go, you’ll spend far less time and fewer resources solving problems.


The recent boom of ecommerce across the globe has made clear how integral a website is to a company’s success, but brands don’t just need a website–they need an efficient and effective website. If your site has been built poorly, you will never fully benefit from the advantages a website can offer in the modern era of online shopping. 

Django websites have proven to run as smoothly as possible–but they need the right developer to make that happen. 

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