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How Much Does it Cost to Create a WordPress Site?

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Building a new website can be massively exciting – and WordPress is often the first choice of software for many. The cost to build a WordPress site can range from $100 to $3,000 for most businesses. Prices can be higher for more sophisticated sites with bespoke functionality!

Your realistic budget for a WordPress site depends on several variables – we’ll run through them here.

Remember that it’s vital to think about what you want your website to achieve and then structure the project around those goals, according to what you can afford within your budget.

Low-cost websites crammed to overcapacity can be rendered useless very quickly, so it’s always wise to consult an experienced WordPress developer if you have any doubts about matching your aspirations to your finances!

How Much Does It Cost to Create a WordPress Site?

When considering the question “how much does a WordPress site cost?”, it’s essential to know the ongoing running costs as well as the initial design fees.

WordPress itself is free to download, and you can choose between the basic template packages, with limited customization options, or the open-source software that your developer can edit as much as you wish.

The core up front cost will be in the developer’s fee’s – which depends on the scale of the work, how complex the site is, and how much of the code you will need to be bespoke or have rewritten.

You might choose to pay the developer per hour, per day, or have a fixed price for the total project if you agree on the specification before work begins.

There are also other running costs to bear in mind:

  • Hosting services – either through WordPress or another provider.
  • Domain name – charged as an annual subscription.
  • Plug-ins and extensions – any apps or functionality you want to buy for your WordPress site.

Much depends on what you want from your website. 

  • Does it need to have an e-commerce checkout and integrate with your stock management software? 
  • Do you want to play videos and animations? 
  • Are there any VR functions, such as a virtual dressing room?

The best way to get a great idea of a more accurate cost is to set out what you’re looking for and then post a job on Guru to receive tailored quotes back from qualified professional developers.

Can I Build a Low-Cost WordPress Site Myself?

Potentially, if you have the technical skills and the time available to build your website, you might consider undertaking the work yourself.

There are a few pitfalls to watch out for, though:

  • Low-quality websites will never perform well and can be a turn-off for potential customers who can’t find what they’re looking for or have to wait an unbearable amount of time for a page to load.
  • Excellent WordPress sites combine powerful functionality with exceptional design, and it isn’t easy to achieve those standards without experience and training in website development and information architecture.
  • WordPress website templates are free to use, but the design options are limited. You will also have advertising and banners on the website that you can’t avoid or manage.
  • Choosing the wrong hosting service can mean you run out of storage capacity or have insufficient security for your website.

Suppose your website has functions rather than being a static page like a blog site. 

In that case, it’s well worth investing in a professional WordPress developer to ensure you don’t damage your brand reputation and miss out on potential sales.

What Features Can a WordPress Developer Add to My Site?

There are approximately 54,000 available plug-ins on WordPress, plus countless options if you hire a developer who can write custom code and develop a unique plug-in for your site.

In short, your website can do anything you want it to, provided you’ve got the imagination!

If you’re considering paying for third-party plug-ins, it remains advisable to consult a developer. 

They can recommend the best plug-ins in performance, reliability, compatibility, and cost to make sure you spend your money wisely.

Some of the popular website plug-ins include:

  • Marketing plug-ins such as newsletter sign-ups, information capture, email delivery, and SEO ranking features.
  • Security tools, providing automated backups, improved malware protection, and website firewalls.
  • Design features, such as drag and drop form builders or caching plug-ins, improve the site speed and, therefore, the customer experience and Google indexing rankings.

The more plug-ins you choose, the greater the initial cost. 

However, a website that loads immediately and delivers tons of rich quality information and valuable resources can profoundly differentiate your business success!

Again, we’d recommend looking at what you’d like to achieve and then comparing quotes from experienced freelancers who can guide you through the best options out there.

Can I Build an E-commerce Website With WordPress?

You sure can! WordPress powers countless global e-commerce sites. The costs of a retail website will inevitably be higher than for a more basic platform but can be controlled by selecting the right services.

The extra things you’ll require for an e-commerce WordPress site include:

  • An SSL certificate for safe transfers of customer data such as login details and credit card information – costs are around $70 a year.
  • Your e-commerce plug-in. WooCommerce is one of the most popular options. However, there are more available, and you can even hire a developer to create a custom integration if you have a proprietary system you’d like to link with the back-end of your website.
  • Web design tools or templates in WordPress with support functions for your chosen e-commerce plug-in. You can buy many paid extensions, such as product sliders, lead gen tools, and e-commerce tracking.

The average e-commerce WordPress website costs from $1,000 to $3,000 to build, including those costs listed above.

A word of caution about the extra charges for themes and add-ons if you use a basic WordPress template – a design alone can cost as much as $500 for some templates!

It is often far more cost-effective to use a professional WordPress developer to recommend suitable options and ensure you stick to your budget.

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