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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Writer?

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Almost everyone can write a text message, an email, and, in some cases, even a good essay. However, just because you can do all these, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should produce your own content when it comes to your business. 

Unless you just love writing, there will come a point for most business owners when they will think about hiring a writer. The truth of the matter is that posting new content means more potential customers who will visit your website, blog, or social media platforms. Even if you fail to go down this route, your competitors most certainly will not. 

So, with that said, hiring a writer means going through a comprehensive process that some business owners may not be familiar with, and with costs that may vary between $15-$150 per hour; alternatively as much as $500 per piece of content. The reason for this is that when you are trying to pick the best writer, knowing which individual will be best suited for your company is not always easy. 

It is also difficult to know whether the payment they ask for is standard for the kind of content they produce. You also need to know the best places to hire a writer since that will help you find a quality writer.

Most business owners are usually too preoccupied with other aspects of their company to have enough time to familiarize themselves with how much writers charge for their content. There are various rates for professional writers and each package usually means different levels of quality. Not knowing how much to fork out for a writer’s services can lead to wasting your time and money on the wrong person. 

In this piece, we will try to explain how most writers get paid and the kinds of fees you can expect to pay on a case-by-case basis. If you are seeking to hire a professional writer, the following aspects will also help to give you a clearer idea of how to get started. 

Ways in Which Writers Get Paid

There are several ways professional writers can get paid. They include by the hour, by word count, per project, or being on retainer. Each payment plan has its pros and cons for business owners. 

In most cases, the more experienced the writer, the better chance you will have of securing quality content. 

By the Hour

A content writer might charge a rate of $15 to $115 dollars per hour depending on their experience level and the kind of content needed. Different types of writers, for example, academic writers, may charge different hourly rates.

A significant portion of business owners are somewhat familiar with paying for services by the hour and some professional writers are happy with this setup. You should nonetheless keep in mind that unless you set a cap on billable hours, the cost of an hourly-paid professional writer can be unpredictable. 

This is because some pieces take more time to research and write than others, particularly when the person doing the job is not well-versed with the subject matter. There is also the additional time spent editing and making changes to the content. For example, if you take an Upwork freelance writer, the average cost for content will be anywhere from $35 to $150 per hour. 

If you are hoping to hire a writer on an hourly basis, make sure you ask for an estimate for every article they write. You can note down the requirements of the job on whatever platform you are using. An experienced writer on these sites will be able to provide you with a relevant estimate. 

You should also remember to factor in the time needed for editing and corrections for each piece you ask them to write. 

Per Word

Paying a writer using this format helps to eliminate the high variance of cost associated with hourly rates since the issue of time does not come into play. Marketing agencies often opt for this route because they have a team of writers producing their content. Some freelance writers also like to be paid by the number of words.

The cost per-word is typically determined at the start of the project. Some of the factors that will come into play when determining the price include the writer’s experience and their reputation for delivering quality work. You can expect to fork out 6 cents per world for less complicated articles to $3 per word for complex subject matters. 

Per Project 

For this payment arrangement, the average writer will ask to be paid $25 to $500 for each piece of content they produce. Other writers may charge a flat rate for each post based on a minimum word count. Some business owners prefer this arrangement because they know up front how much they will have to pay for content delivered. 

However, there is a drawback to paying for content on this basis. Some writers who opt for this method may focus more on reaching the minimum word count as quickly as they can in order to churn out more pieces. In the end, such an arrangement ends up compromising the quality of their articles. 

If you are thinking about hiring a writer who charges a flat rate for each project, it is vital that you get a few samples of their previously published work. This is because any writer worth their salt will have some kind of portfolio showcasing content they’ve written in the past. 

Value for Money

Before you decide what you should pay a writer for their services, it is important that you consider whether they are capable of producing content that will add value to your business. Content creation is not just about jotting down clever words; it has to have a purpose and be capable of impacting your target market. 

A significant number of business owners are aware that spending money on advertising is something that they must do. The only thing is that such initiatives will only provide your company with temporary exposure. On the other hand, content that is properly written and SEO optimized can drive traffic to your site for years to come. 

The fact is that the organic value of your web content showing up on the first pages of search engine results cannot be overstated. 

Final Thoughts

If you decide to hire a writer, you should remember that you are forming a long-term partnership with them that will help grow your business and draw in more customers. As a result, you should choose wisely. Consider all the various factors and not just the cost aspect, when it comes time to writing the job description for your new hire. 

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