How to Assess Freelancers & Find the Best Hire on Guru

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There are a large number of Freelancers offering their skills and services on Guru. As a result, it can be challenging for you to differentiate one from another and find your Freelancer. To help you understand Freelancers better, we have recently updated the experience on the Profile pages on our site.

With the recent changes, Profiles now offer more information to help set each Freelancer apart. Here is how you can assess a Freelancer on Guru by looking at their Profile:

  1. Assess their credibility and performance with All-Time Transaction Data – The All-Time Transaction Data is a compilation of a Freelancer’s work history on Guru. It includes All-Time Earnings, Earnings in the last 12 months, Largest Employer, and other information. It provides insights into the Freelancer’s transaction volume, size, and scale of operation and helps you assess their suitability for your job.
  2. See the skills they have to offer by looking at their services – The services on a Freelancer’s Profile help you understand what exactly the Freelancer offers. Services help you understand their capabilities and competencies. Go through the services and see if the Freelancer offers the skills you need to get your job done.
  3. Understand their delivery capabilities with portfolios – The portfolios attached to the service showcase the work the Freelancer has done for that service. Portfolios also help you understand the quality of work they provide. Find a Freelancer who has experience in the job you want to get done.
  4. Know more about their background with About – The About tab on the Profile is where the Freelancer shares other information such as their education, qualifications, awards, certifications, and publications. This information helps you understand their experience and history and assess if they can deliver your job as per your expectations.
  5. Know them better with their video – Freelancers also add a professional video on their Profile, which details who they are, their skills, what they offer, and why they should be hired. See the video to get a better idea of who you would be engaging with.
  6. Check how well they have worked with other Employers on Guru – The feedback received by the Freelancer along with their Feedback Score helps you understand how well the Freelancer has worked with their previous Employers. Look for feedback from Employers who have worked with the Freelancer more than once.
  7. See their website and social media pages – Freelancers also link their website and social media pages on their Profile. These pages tell you more about their brand and other details that may not be on their Profile.

Once you have assessed the Freelancers through their Profile, request a Quote from them. While going through the Profile and the Quote in detail is essential, you must not underestimate the importance of one-on-one interaction. Once you have received the Quote and studied the Profile, connect with the Freelancer through chat, email, or phone. Understand how they would approach your job, their communication style, and other details that may be of importance to you. 

Once you go through the process of assessing the Profiles, comparing Quotes and interacting with the Freelancers, we are sure you will be able to find the right talent for your job.

Guru is an online freelancing platform that helps Employers find experienced Freelancers to get work done securely and cost-effectively. If you are an Employer looking to hire Freelancers online, post your job on Guru, and get Quotes within hours.

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