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How to Build a Click Funnel

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Thousands of businesses have optimized their digital engagement and sales by using ClickFunnels’ platform and software. The company behind ClickFunnels markets its software to be comprehensive and user-friendly; however, it still takes time to feel familiar and confident with it. If you aren’t much of a tech expert or don’t have the time to sit through several tutorials, it may be worth hiring a ClickFunnels expert to help.

That said, there are a few ways to get started yourself so you feel familiar with the interface. Hiring someone to create a ClickFunnel is easier when you have a basic understanding of the software and its capabilities. Today, let’s start with the groundwork of building ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnel Building 101

When you understand how ClickFunnels work, you can direct your ClickFunnels expert or consultant in a way that maximizes what this platform is capable of. This leads to more users turning into paying customers and engaging with your brand.

Before We Start

Prior to constructing your funnel, make sure you have downloaded the Funnel Guides from the ClickFunnels website and that you have reviewed the article on setting up basic ClickFunnels integrations.

Understanding The Classic Funnel Builder and The Cookbook

The Classic Funnel Builder is software that is designed to assist with building a sales funnel, allowing you to visualize the journey users will take through the funnel. It allows you to select a goal and funnel type, prompting you to choose certain page templates for said funnel.

The Cookbook operates similarly, allowing you to narrow down the funnel type based on your desired industry. When you choose a funnel type and goal with The Cookbook, you are given a number of narrowed-down funnels with templates to choose from.

Building a Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are the most common type of funnels for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to boost engagement and revenue, but just because they’re the most common doesn’t mean they’re the easiest to set up. 

If you’re still getting acquainted with ClickFunnels, here are five easy steps to setting up a sales funnel with ClickFunnels:

Set Up Your Account

Luckily, the ClickFunnels platform offers free accounts with various templates and options. These options are limited, but make a good starting point! 

We recommend that you get a free account with ClickFunnels because this platform is the top sales funnel builder on the internet. Note that your free account is on a trial basis that expires after fourteen days from registration.

Identify Your Goal

Think about the purpose of this sales funnel and what your primary objective is. Are you looking to generate leads, nurture them, or turn those leads into sales? You might want to say, “all of the above,” but each sales funnel should only have a single goal in order for it to be effective. If you have multiple goals, you will need multiple funnels.

For example, if your goal is lead generation, your funnels should cater to marketing campaigns, consumer research, media mentions, direct mail, and webinars. These are just a few options for your funnel goals, and there are hundreds more.

Choose a Structure

Sales funnels operate as a series of web pages that guide users step-by-step to take a specific action. If your goal is to nurture leads, a structure that encourages users to join your mailing list would be the specific action you want them to take. If you want them to attend an event or make a purchase, there are individual funnel structures you must construct for each.

Identify Working Sales Funnels

We recommend that you look to a minimum of three sales funnels that are working. Check out real businesses that share your goals and how they use funnels to accomplish them. Search for funnels that are similar to the ones you’ve developed to pull ideas from. 

Build Your Funnel

With a framework in mind and examples to reference, you can begin building your effective funnel. Choose a sales template on ClickFunnels that matches your goals, and start building and checking with the examples you found to make sure they operate similarly. The ClickFunnels site supplies a drag-and-drop editor to streamline this process.

Generate Traffic and Test

When you’re finished building, make your sales funnel live and drive traffic. You can do this by posting on your business’s social media, running paid advertisements, or emailing your current subscriber list. 

If you’re noticing that metrics and engagement aren’t measuring up to your goals, don’t get discouraged—find new references and tweak your existing funnels, then generate traffic again. Over time, you’ll find what works for your niche and what doesn’t.

Wrapping Up

The rinse-and-repeat method can be tiring, especially if you spent a considerable amount of time working to learn the ClickFunnels software. By hiring a freelance ClickFunnels expert, you can save yourself time, and therefore, money. 

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