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How to Choose Voice-Over Artists for Audio

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The right freelance voice-over artists can greatly impact your multimedia project—that is, if you know how to hire voice actors that are perfect for the specific piece you’re doing. To choose a voice-over artist, you must consider several things, including your business’s branding, your target audience, the subject matter of your project, and the artists’ own skills and limitations. It’s best to vet the professional before you take them on, checking for recommendations, experience, and demos to ensure that you have the talent that fits your needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Voice-Over Artist

One of the first concerns of businesses is how much a voice-over artist costs, with many business owners thinking that it’s an extra expense they can do without, especially if they already have a person in the office who has a pretty good voice. But going with a professional voice-over artist can do wonders for your media; they can guarantee high-quality results aimed to help you achieve the goals you’ve set out for your project. Here are some reasons why you should hire a voice-over artist:

Professional Delivery

Voice-over artists have the necessary skills and training to deliver high-quality voice recordings based on your needs and requirements. They understand what’s needed for the project, whether it’s an enticing voice for ads or an engaging tone for an educational piece.

Technical Requirements

Many small businesses don’t have the knowledge or equipment to produce voice-over recordings. But many voice-over artists offer this as an extra service as they’re already equipped with the tools and skills to fix up their pieces–they can then just send you the finished audio clips.

Enhanced Impact

Voice-over artists bring scripts to life; this allows them to improve the impact of your project. They can drive results that get you closer to your business goals.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Voice-Over Artist

The sound of a voice-over artist’s voice isn’t the only thing you have to consider when choosing one to hire. Here are the different factors that you should keep in mind to ensure that you get the right talent:


Your branding should translate into everything that you do—and that includes any voice-over work. Look for a voice-over artist that matches the feel and personality of your business so that the piece will be undoubtedly yours even with outsourced talent.

Target Audience

You’ll want to hire a voice-over artist that’s relatable to your target audience. For example, if your audience is American, then it makes sense to hire a talent that sounds American, just like the people you want the piece to resonate with. Pay attention to their accent and how they sound with your target audience in mind.

Subject Matter

Think about the subject matter that you’re recording for and find a voice-over artist who’s suited for the topic. For instance, if you’re recording for a serious piece, you’ll want to steer clear from someone who’s too bubbly or commercial.

Vocal Range and Abilities

Of course, you can’t overlook the vocal range and abilities of your voice-over artist. Consider their quality of voice, their clarity and consistency, their pacing, and their enunciation and articulation. Plus, if you require them to speak in many characters, check how versatile their range is—how they can transform their voice to fit different personas.

Tips for Hiring a Voice-Over Artist

As you go scouring Guru, the best online freelance marketplace, for a voice-over artist, keep these tips in mind:

Get Recommendations

If you know other businesses, colleagues, or friends who have experience working with freelance voice-over artists, then ask them if they have any recommendations they can connect you to. That way, you can start with a list of people that you know have already proved their work ethic in the past.

Listen to Demos

When choosing a voice-over artist, be sure to listen to demos that they provide so that you have a better idea of their vocal quality and range. Plus, you can imagine how they can work on your project, and decide whether or not they’re a good fit.

Check Previous Experience

While you can save a few bucks hiring fresh talent, a voice-over artist with some level of experience is a better choice because they can guarantee a more seamless process and better results. It would also be beneficial to hire a voice-over artist who has experience working in the industry you’re in or with the subject matter you’re dealing with.

Hire a Voice-Over Artist From Guru

Another important thing to consider when hiring a voice-over artist is where you hire them from. Only trust tried-and-tested freelance websites like Guru so that you can be sure that you’re hiring top-notch professionals at fair rates. There are hundreds of voice-over artists on Guru to choose from—find your perfect candidate today.

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