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How to Connect MetaTrader to TradingView

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MetaTrader is one of the most popular trading apps in the world today, allowing retail investors to connect to financial markets such as Forex, and those that trade other assets. TradingView is now ranked as the world’s most popular investing website, with more than thirty million monthly traders. Giving users access to a wide range of indicators and strategies on their favorite assets, which they can use to spot trends and discover new trading ideas, made TradingView a trader’s favorite tool.

For many traders, combining MetaTrader with TradingView is necessary to gain access to the best charting system on the planet. 

Connecting MetaTrader to TradingView

Like MetaTrader, TradingView does not give traders direct access to markets. To access assets to trade, you need a broker–it is the broker that gives traders access to a platform for buying and selling foreign currencies and other assets. 

The steps to connect your MetaTrader account to TradingView include:

Choosing a Supported Broker

TradingView currently supports brokers offering traders access to foreign currencies (Forex), cryptocurrencies, and Contract for Differences (CFDs). Some of the top brokers on TradingView are Capital.com, BingX, EightCap, OKX, FTX, and Currency.com, among others. You do not need to worry about the reputation of the brokers as TradingView lists only the best brokers; this step is also necessary if you are figuring out how to connect Forex to MetaTrader.

Choose a broker that offers the assets you would like to analyze on TradingView–they must also be supported by your country and comply with local regulations. More brokerage options are being added to TradingView on a regular basis. 

Create an Account With the Broker

After choosing a broker that lists the assets you want to trade, the next step is to create an account with them. Creating an account with brokers is usually relatively straightforward, with many asking only for basic information, email address, and password. Alternatively, you can choose to use Google, Facebook, or IOS devices to import your information.

However, if you have an existing account with a broker that is already listed on TradingView, you do not need to create a new account. Brokers may also ask for a government-issued identification card to verify or raise your account to a higher tier.

Create an Account with TradingView

To connect MetaTrader to TradingView, you need an account with TradingView. You also need to input your basic information and email address and create a password. Similarly, you can opt to continue with Google, Facebook, or IOS devices to quickly import your information to TradingView.

Login to Your Prefered Broker

When your account is set up with the broker, all you need to do is visit TradingView’s broker integration page. On the page showing the list of different platforms integrated with TradingView, select the broker of your choice and click Connect.

If you are not automatically logged into TradingView, you need to manually log into TradingView at this point. The pop-up window will require you to authorize the log in with the login credentials of your preferred broker. 

While TradingView allows you to connect both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, and access all the platform’s features on the assets of your choice, you cannot place trades directly on TradingView. 

Why You Need to Connect MetaTrader to TradingView

The number of traders connecting MetaTrader to TradingView is steadily on the rise. According to TradingView, more than 170,000 users have linked their brokers to TradingView, allowing them to receive streaming data and send orders directly to their broker.

One of the major benefits of connecting MetaTrader to TradingView is access to the wide range of technical indicators TradingView offers. On TradingView, traders can access MetaTrader indicators and more–this allows traders to pick the technical indicators that best work with their strategies. 

TradingView also has trading guides, education, and expert analytics that can assist trading decisions, especially for new traders looking to find their footing in the markets, and it also allows users to interact and share trading ideas and information on the platform. This way, traders can tap into more information sources than what’s offered on MetaTrader.

For better analysis of the market, there are also tools and more timeframes available on TradingView that users would not have access to while using the MetaTrader app; TradingView offers traders access to real-time trade ideas, which users can apply to their trading strategies. Of course, for those who would like a bit of professional help through this process, Guru’s MetaTrader experts are ready to help today!

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