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How to Find Keywords for Amazon PPC

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Behind a successful Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is strong keyword research. PPC ads only work when it’s targeted to the right keywords. So, how do you find the ones that will bring you the best results? 

There are many ways to find keywords for Amazon PPC, with several of the most powerful tools being free. You can get them using tools like Amazon Seller Central’s insights or Google Keywords, or you can come up with a list from scratch by thinking like your customers, scouring Amazon search results, or checking out your competition. 

If you need extra help or just want to make sure you’re doing your Amazon PPC right, it’s best to hire a freelance Amazon PPC expert from Guru to lend a hand! They can even help you learn other basics of the e-commerce platform, like how to create a PPC campaign on Amazon or how to run and manage Amazon PPC campaigns.

Amazon PPC Advertising and Keywords

Amazon PPC is an advertising model that allows sellers to drive traffic to their brand pages and product listings. Sellers assign a keyword to their ad and bid an amount for it to be displayed to potential customers. Once a user searches for the keyword, the ad with the highest bid is shown to them; if they click it, the seller is charged a small amount (one cent more than the second-highest bid for that keyword).

Amazon PPC ads, much like other PPC ads, are reliant on keywords. So, advertisers must perform proper keyword research to find the most relevant terms that will maximize their ads’ reach and clickability.

Types of Keywords

There are four types of keywords that you should know about when finding terms for Amazon PPC: 

  • Exact match keywords: The search term must be the exact match of the keyword.
  • Phrase match keywords: Keywords may include the exact phrase or close variations (with inclusions before or after the keyword).
  • Broad match keywords: Search terms may be all possible variations to the exact match keyword.
  • Long tail keywords: Keywords that are formed by a combination of different keywords, often having more than three words.

What to Look For in Keywords for Amazon PPC

A good Amazon PPC keyword is crucial in ensuring that your products get on the radar of buyers who are looking for them. Naturally, your keyword should be relevant to the item you’re advertising. 

You’ll then want to use a keyword that has a high or medium search volume, as well as a high or medium conversion rate–it helps if it’s trending, but it’s not mandatory. It should also have a long tail keyword attached to it, which means that it should work with a combination of other keywords for maximum searchability. 

How to Find Keywords for Amazon PPC

There are several ways to find keywords for Amazon PPC, and most of the time, you don’t even have to spend a penny for the research! Here are some of the best methods to do it:

Think Like Your Customers

If you’re starting with a keyword list from scratch, the first thing you can do to build it is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Ask yourself, “If I was my target audience, what would I be typing on the search bar to find my product?” This will give you relevant terms that you can weed out as you go.

Use Amazon Seller Central

You can use Amazon Seller Central’s different features to search up keywords, and even see what terms are being used by other brands and which ones have the most or highest bids, which can help you narrow down your list.

Check the Amazon Search Results

Try searching for keywords that you think are relevant to your products, then look through the top five results. These brands are doing PPC keyword marketing right and you should learn from them. Pay attention to the different fields in which the keywords used to appear, including their product title, description, photos, and customer reviews.

Try Google

Just because you’re advertising on Amazon doesn’t mean that you can only get insights from within the platform. Google can also help you generate keywords, suggesting specific terms or variations that fit your product.

Get Help with Keyword Research from an Amazon PPC Expert on Guru

If you don’t have the time or the expertise to do proper keyword research, you can hire a freelance Amazon PPC expert to help you do the job. They can find you the keywords that will promise the highest returns and help you set up and manage your campaigns so that you can focus on other important aspects of your Amazon business. Hire an Amazon PPC expert on Guru today!

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