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How to Improve SEO on Amazon

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You’ve got your product up on Amazon, but it just isn’t selling. Thousands of sellers face this very issue every day. One of the reasons for this is nobody knows your product exists because it’s buried so deep in the search results you’d have to hire an archaeologist to dig it up!

Today, we’ll examine what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and how it affects your product sales on Amazon. Additionally, we’ll talk about freelance Amazon SEO services and ways to improve your product’s SEO, helping them rank higher and sell better than ever.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a fancy term for a simple concept—helping people get relevant results from online searches. The results are displayed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is done in a variety of ways, using several metrics. As you’re probably aware, there isn’t some man behind the curtain at Amazon and Google pulling levers to control the great Wizard of Search–so how does SEO work?

The Algorithm

A secret to the success of both Google and Amazon is their algorithms. These are highly complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that attempt to understand what is popular, what is trending, and what is most likely to be what someone is looking for when they type any given words into a search box. If the algorithm thinks your website or product is what the customer wants, it will rank that site higher than the others.

How Do I Improve My Amazon SEO?

Once you’ve figured out how to get your product on Amazon, there are two ways the Amazon SEO algorithm works. The first is the same as Google and most other search engines—keywords. The second is more commonplace in ecommerce and that is the simplest of all—sales.


A product’s title is the absolute most important thing. If a customer is searching for a cordless desk fan and your product description is “Cordless Desk Fan 9” Black,” you’re going to rank very well because you matched the entire phrase, and you’ll rank better still if the customer added “black” to their search query. If your product description simply says “Small Fan,” you only hit one of the three keywords being searched. There are millions of fans of a thousand different types for sale on Amazon, and those with more of the chosen keywords will appear ahead of yours.

Backend keywords are extremely important as well. These are keywords that you, as the seller, list when you put a product on Amazon. These keywords are not visible to the customer. For example, if you were selling a kayak, your backend keywords might be “lake” and “summer.” Alternatively, you can put your keywords in multiple languages to help nail keyword searches from people who don’t speak English. For instance, if you are selling a lamp, you might list the Spanish “lámpara” as a backend keyword.


Just because you hit the keyword lottery doesn’t mean there aren’t five other sellers who also have their keywords dialed in. Amazon also takes into account the sales and number of reviews a product has. If thousands of people have bought this item before—and even better, have left a good review—the algorithm will send this listing to the top.

Increasing sales is a snowball effect—once your sales increase, your ranking increases. This leads to more sales, which leads to higher rankings, and so on. One common way to increase your sales is to offer a discount or free shipping. Then you can slowly make the discount smaller over time, increasing your profit margins as your rankings rise until you find an equilibrium.

Increasing your Google presence by getting other websites to link to your Amazon product will also help increase your visibility, and consequently, your sales numbers. Google’s algorithm wants to see as many websites linking to your website or product as possible because the algorithm is guessing that whatever is currently being linked to the most is likely to be the best possible search result. 

Find a Professional to Help

Trying to do all this yourself can be a daunting task, especially if you have hundreds of products to look after. Fortunately, you can hire freelance Amazon SEO services on sites like Guru. There, just browse the available professionals to find someone that can increase your sales and help you with Amazon SERP optimization.

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