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How to Increase App Store Optimization

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So you’ve released a fantastic app, you’ve had your friends test it out, and they all say it’s great. So, why is it not getting any downloads? Despite your best efforts, it may just be getting buried among the millions of other apps available on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

In this article, we’ll examine what you can do to increase your ranking in the app store. We’ll also look at why you should hire an ASO specialist to help your app ranking reach its full potential so that you can focus on growing the business.

Ways to Increase Your App Rankings

While there are a thousand ways to increase your rankings–some of which are only known to the AI algorithm itself–some people have managed to figure out a few tried and true methods. That being said, the real professional app optimization specialists available on sites like Guru know the best tips and tricks to help you maximize your rankings and downloads. If you’d like to try it for yourself, here are a few methods:

Make Sure Your Title Is Descriptive

The name “Mega Blaster” for your new game might sound cool, but it doesn’t tell the consumer what your app does. Consider adding to the title and even include some keywords, like “Mega Blaster: Sci-Fi Tower Defense.” 

Now, your title both tells the customer what kind of game it is and also includes two high-ranking keywords: “sci-fi” and “tower defense.” With this new title, people looking for a fun new game will instantly have a decent idea of what your game is about.

Design an Eye-Catching Icon

In today’s culture of infinite scrolling and three-second attention spans, your logo may be the only thing a customer sees besides your app’s name. Creating a simple icon might seem great, but it must fit the theme of the app. Color choices are incredibly important, as something too loud might make people want to scroll past it just so their eyes stop hurting. 

Use the App Description to Your Advantage

A user has found your title good enough to click and chosen to read the description. Seize the moment and make sure you provide the customer with an enticing enough description to get them to hit that install button. 

What does the app do? Why does someone need it? Why is it so easy and fun to use? Answering these questions goes a long way to convincing someone to try out your app. 

Most importantly, you need to load your description with keywords. Visit the app store and see what the highest ranking categories and keywords are–then, try and fit them into your description.

Get Some Positive Reviews

Your app is now being downloaded a few hundred times, but nobody has reviewed it. Ask yourself, would you take a chance to download an app with only three reviews? Offering your app customers the opportunity to review your app on the app store is absolutely critical to its success.

Still, it’s important that any in-app pop-ups asking for a review must not be intrusive or repetitive. Ensure the app only asks for a review once a week or once a month, and don’t be afraid to allow the customer to click “don’t ask again.” If they like the app, they’ll tell their friends–don’t force them to uninstall an otherwise great app simply because they keep getting hounded for a review. 

Final Thoughts

We barely scratched the surface of what can be done to optimize an app in the store–but what if you’re not a great writer of descriptions, or you aren’t sure how to market or use algorithms that push apps to the top? 

This is where hiring an app optimization professional comes in. Fortunately, sites like Guru allow you to browse thousands of mobile app professionals–these freelancers can help take your app from zero to hero. Wondering how much app store optimization costs? Check out our recent post.

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