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How to Interview an Android Developer

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If you wish to hire an Android app developer, you’ll need to know how to find the right one. But it can be difficult to know how to choose an android developer and trust if they are as good as they claim, especially if you find yourself lacking in the knowledge of technical details when it comes to app development. 

That’s why we’ve laid out key questions to ask during an interview, as any developer who is sufficiently experienced with Android app development should be able to give in depth answers to each one. If they can’t then you might want to look elsewhere.

Android Developer Interview Questions

What’s Your Experience Developing in Android?

The first question you ought to ask your candidate is what their experience level is when it comes to developing applications in Android. Any developer who you’re considering as a potential hire should have a substantial background in Android app development and be able to showcase a portfolio of previous work. This is also the time to discuss their cost for android app development, and see if what they offer fits within your budget. 

What Are Fragments?

Android developers regularly use fragments through the app development process. A brilliant interviewee should know their definition, how to use them, and their features.

As a bonus question, if you’ve already shared the details of your app with them, you can ask how they might use fragments during the process of developing your application.

Can You Explain When to Use a Fragment Rather Than an Activity?

An experienced developer will know when to use a fragment and when to use an activity. As a result, the answer they give to this question should include a detailed knowledge of when the use of each is appropriate. If you’re dev can’t answer this question fully, you may want to dive in more and see just how much experience they have.

Can You Familiar With the More Advanced Features of Android and Their Benefits?

Android is popular among developers due to its wide range of advanced features. Any viable candidate should list a few of these features and mention some of their benefits. Their answer should also clearly define specific applications for each feature and be able to explain why it is useful.

Can You Name Some Errors Common to the App Development Process?

Any developer worth their salt will tell you that encountering errors is a standard aspect of the job. Even the most experienced developers will run into complex issues. The key is to know how to address such problems when they arise.

Any developer who understands this will more than likely be a productive employee in the future. To get a better answer, you can give an example of a particular error and ask the candidate how they’d fix it.

Can You Define Views and Their Uses?

Views are a critical component of Android development. A good candidate should explain what they are, the process of creating them, and how to effectively optimize their usage.

Are You Capable of Creating a Bound Service?

Developers regularly use bound services when it comes to Android applications. The right candidate should be able to explain how they’d build one and highlight the specific steps involved in the process.

The candidate can also show their field knowledge by demonstrating how they’ve built such bounds in the past.

Can You Outline the Process Associated With Creating Custom Views?

Most Android developers will tell you that this is a complex topic, so the answer they give ought to be in the form of a high-level overview of the steps involved.

On the other hand, the candidate should clarify that a seasoned developer will always subclass the View that most closely resembles the custom component they wish to create. This is because there are very few cases where a developer would choose to extend the View class.

What Is the Primary Use of a Handler?

A Handler communicates between threads, passing an action from any background thread to the primary one. And when it comes to updates, the dev can only run an update to the UI from the main thread. 

By asking this question, you’ll establish if the developer understands the fundamental concept of multi-threading in Android. As they give you their answer, be sure they explain the technical concept in a manner you can understand, as this will demonstrate their full grasp of it. 

To Conclude

Knowing what to ask in interviews is essential for hiring a brilliant Android app developer. Asking the most relevant questions will ensure you choose a candidate with the appropriate technical skills and experience for what your business needs.

Even if you’re not personally familiar with the technical aspects of Android development, you can still find the best person for the job by learning to ask the right questions and conducting a thorough interview. So the next time you’re about to interview a new candidate, keep the questions we’ve listed above in mind, that way you’re sure to bring on the right person.

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