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How to Pick a Travel Agent

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With websites like Kayak and Expedia helping travelers book their trips, you may be wondering if travel agents are even necessary! Even in this day and age, travel agents still serve a purpose. They can save you time, research, and money when it comes to planning your trip.

When selecting a travel agent for hire, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the partnership is a good fit. We’ll show you how to pick a great freelancer to help you with your next journey. With these tips, you’ll be able to browse Guru for a trip planner that will help you create travel memories for years to come!

Understand the Cost

Many freelancers on Guru charge by the hour. With Guru, you can expect to pay roughly $100 as a flat fee for planning your trip. Agents usually make commissions with the travel vendors they book your trip with, but on Guru, how much a travel agent costs can vary, depending on the freelancer. 

If they’re booking your travel for you, you will need to also pay for the cost of your trip itself. While it’s important to stick to your budget, don’t let cost be the only determining factor when selecting your travel planner.

Determine the Agent’s Communication Skills

Always choose a travel agent that communicates with you in a timely fashion. You should also find someone who is responsive to your wants and needs.

Find out if the agent will plan your trip based on the activities you want to try, the food you enjoy, and the interests of the people you’re traveling with–some travel planners simply use a standard itinerary for everyone, without any personalized details. If you’re looking for something special, you’ll need to tell the agent. This will help both of you decide if you want to work together.

Find Out the Agent’s Familiarity With Your Destination

Anyone can Google the best places to eat in Bali, but an agent who has been there several times can give you this information based on first-hand experience. Choosing a travel planner who knows the ins and outs of your destination can better prepare you for your adventure and make sure you find the best excursions, restaurants, and events possible for you and your group!

Some travel agents on Guru are affiliated with host agencies, which offer familiarity trips for their independent contractors. Experienced planners may have taken a few of these trips, or they may simply travel frequently for fun. Working with a freelancer who is affiliated with a host travel agency may boost the chances that they have visited the area they’re planning to travel to.

Consider Their Affiliation With Host Agencies

Speaking of host agencies, it’s a good idea to see if your freelancer is associated with one! There are some benefits of working with travel planners who belong to these organizations–they’re able to access resources such as cruise desk layouts, travel agent training, and even discounts from travel vendors (hotels, airlines, etc.). 

If your freelancer isn’t part of a host travel agency, this doesn’t automatically mean they won’t be a good fit, but that they will likely be using the same resources you would if you were planning the trip yourself.

Read Reviews on Guru

Lastly, it’s a good idea to check a freelancer’s Guru profile to check out their reviews from previous clients. Experienced travel planners will have testimonials applauding a job well done. Don’t discount newbies, though–they may still deliver great work, especially if they are trying to build their online business.

Choosing a travel agent doesn’t have to be hard; it all comes down to asking the right questions and explaining your needs clearly. Guru is home to a vast catalog of travel agents and planners who can help you arrange your next trip. If you’re planning a vacation or work trip, now is a great time to see who is available to help!

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