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How to Recruit Data Scientists

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Finding data scientists for hire with viable project rates and the necessary knowledge of your business sector, trading environment, and data sets can be difficult. Guru offers a seamless solution with a huge network of thousands of qualified, experienced data scientists available for immediate hire through our secure freelancer platform.

Why should companies hire data scientists remotely? One of the key benefits of working with a freelance data scientist is that an independent professional will already have the software, including machine learning and AI data analysis applications necessary to produce valuable outputs, and at a significantly lower cost than a full-time in-house hire.

In this post, we’ll explain how the recruitment process works and outline some criteria you may wish to include in your data scientist job posting.

Finding a Top-Rated Data Scientist for Your Project

Data scientists are in enormous demand as the importance and strategic use of data become increasingly crucial to companies, particularly those operating in the digital space. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of organizations hiring data scientists doubled to 60%, demonstrating why many companies find it hard to recruit suitable data professionals for their vacancies.

There are three potential ways to source the data science skill set you require:

  1. Hiring an employee: This route is normally best suited to larger businesses with an appropriate payroll budget or companies that need continual data science services.
  2. Outsourcing to an agency: Agencies can be beneficial, but the additional cost of commissions and contractual tie-ins lack flexibility, especially for smaller organizations needing ad hoc support.
  3. Working with a freelancer: More and more companies are leveraging freelance talent, sourcing the expertise they require without any long-term commitments to unnecessary costs.

Top-tier data scientists often work on a freelance basis to ensure they have the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, and hirers can contract a freelancer on-demand, whether they have a complex, ongoing job or a one-off data science requirement.

How to Write an Attractive Data Scientist Job Post

The first step to finding the skills you need is to create a job post–Guru offers a simple, user-friendly format you can work through, and employers can post a project or task completely free of charge. Because there are multiple potential tasks and jobs a data scientist can undertake, it is important to clarify what you are looking for within your listing, including:

  • Your expectations: What outcomes are you expecting to achieve, what answers or insights are you hoping for, and what areas of data analysis, research, and interpretation does your appointed freelancer need to deliver?
  • Project scope: Do you have datasets or big data assets ready for your data scientist to work with, or would you like them to conduct deep-dive research into particular sectors, consumer trends, or other areas?
  • Timescales: How long are you expecting the project to take, and when will your selected freelancer start work? If the scope is large, but you have a finite deadline, are you willing to negotiate urgent project rates?
  • Experience requirements: Does the type of data analysis and interpretation you require cover a general field, or will your freelance data scientist need pre-existing knowledge of your brand, demographic, sector, industry, or another specific topic?
  • Pay rates: If you have a fixed maximum budget or a rough indication of your accepted rates of pay per hour or day, including this in the job post will prevent any freelancers from submitting a proposal that isn’t compatible.

If you have an area of statistical analysis important to your outcomes, such as logistic regression or complex linear algorithms, you can include this in the job post. However, businesses without a technical understanding of data science can still benefit from the in-depth insights and knowledge available by outlining what they want to achieve and why it matters to their company. 

A skilled data scientist will be able to advise on the right ways to deploy data science techniques to hit those targets.

Skill Requirements for Freelance Data Scientist Projects

Qualified data scientists are usually very adept at multiple tasks and disciplines, from analytics to programming, database proficiencies, and a strong knowledge of business operations and the widely used software suites their data is extracted from.

Depending on your data science job, you may wish to specify other abilities, such as great communication. This ensures that once hard data has been translated into usable information, your chosen freelancer can explain the relevance clearly, logically, and without complex terminology.

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