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Is a Software Developer the Same as a Software Engineer?

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The Guru freelance platform features an extensive network of software engineers for hire, but it is important for businesses to understand the contrasts between software developers to ensure they hire the right professional for their requirements.

Perhaps the easiest way to differentiate between these roles is to explain that an engineer creates the infrastructure and architecture that powers an app. A developer then performs programming within the architecture a software engineer has designed.

How much does it cost to hire a software engineer? Rates start from $25 per hour, although high-caliber freelancers may quote per day or project, depending on the scope and complexity of your specifications.

How Are Software Developers and Engineers Different?

Software development is a subset of software engineering. Businesses can hire engineers who also offer development, such as improving the speed of an application or fixing problems or glitches within commercial applications and software. However, a software engineer is a digital architect, taking a much broader view of the outputs, configuration, functionality, and end objectives your applications need to meet. 

Their role is to follow process and logic-based principles to develop systems and application products that are fit for purpose. They build from the ground up to provide greater productivity, more immersive customer experiences, or control centers for corporations to manage their processes with enhanced efficiency and security.

Software engineers will be accomplished in their knowledge of programming functions, testing procedures, and design strategies. They will use integrations and advanced expertise to create the baseline architecture business software requires to function to the highest possible standards.

Guru solves the question of how small businesses can hire software engineers, providing cost-effective access to this degree of expertise and helping companies of all sizes reform their technological assets to achieve improved revenues and returns.

Essential Skills to Look for in a Freelance Software Engineer

Choosing a great software engineer can make a significant difference to the success of your project. With more than 20,000 freelancers currently available for hire on the Guru platform, we’re sure to have a professional with the skills and aptitudes you require! Here is a short list of those capabilities most searched for in our network:

  • Detailed user needs assessments: Engineers can build new applications and features from scratch. They must have the capacity to deep dive into the needs of their clients to incorporate those features that will provide the best outcomes.
  • Fantastic coding and testing: Some of the roles of a software developer and engineer overlap, such as writing, evaluating, and debugging code. Engineers must have a comprehensive understanding and fluency in all relevant programming languages.
  • Outstanding communication: Highly-rated software engineers will be able to liaise with all stakeholders, including in-house software development teams, to unpack core objectives and build these into their work.

An experienced software engineer can conceive of design ideas and solution-based applications and systems to meet all your key objectives and build around your budget, time scales, requirements, and specifications.

Writing an Engaging Freelance Software Engineer Job Post to Attract Top Talent

Guru invites hirers and businesses to post job specifications entirely free of charge. Any suitably qualified and experienced professionals can then send a proposal and their quote for you to review at your convenience or follow up with any questions you might have.

As always, we suggest including as much detail as possible to ensure the software engineers who respond meet all your most important criteria, such as having previous experience in building the kind of system you need or working within a niche sector. For example, you might be searching for a software engineer with a minimum number of years of professional expertise, a recognized accreditation, or a proven ability to design, test, and build applications for businesses within your industry.

The more information, the better. However, if you’re not familiar with the terminology used in software engineering, you can still engage with highly accomplished freelancers who will interpret your requirements. An alternative is to use the intuitive Guru search engine to browse reliable and experienced freelancers based on your location, budget, and the services and knowledge needed to take your business to the next level!

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