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Making Guru More Secure with ID Verification

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ID Verification helps create a secure and transparent work environment for both Employers and Freelancers on Guru.

What is ID Verification?

The ID Verification process verifies the identities of Freelancers providing services on Guru. It helps Employers identify credible Freelancers and gives Freelancers with no transaction history on Guru an opportunity to gain the trust of potential Employers. ID Verification helps create transparency and establish relationships centered around trust on the platform.

Why is ID Verification important?

To help Employers make better hiring decisions, we provide them with essential details related to the work history of the Freelancer on Guru. If a Freelancer has been paid at least once on the Guru platform, we display their All-Time Transaction Data (no. of Employers worked with, all-time earnings, largest Employer, invoices paid, etc.) in their quote. This data helps Employers understand the Freelancers’ scale of operation, transaction volume, and size. If a Freelancer has not yet been paid on the platform, there is no data to show. To help these Freelancers prove they are trustworthy, we now include their IDV status to help Employers evaluate their credibility and reliability for the job.

We encourage Employers to check the ID Verification status when hiring Freelancers with no transaction history on Guru. We recommend Freelancers who have no transaction history to get their profiles verified to increase their chances of getting hired.

How can a Freelancer get verified on Guru?

A Freelancer can get their profile verified on Guru by submitting proof of identity and credit card information. We will review the information and, as long as everything checks out, we will notify the Freelancer they are Verified within two business days. If we’ve requested a Freelancer complete their IDV, we may hold any and all transactions until we successfully verify their identity.

Submit the following documents to get your profile verified on Guru:

1. Proof of Identity

a. Contact Information

b. Current Photo

c. Proof of Address

d. Any Government-issued ID

2. Credit Card Information

For us to successfully verify the Freelancers’ ID, the contact information submitted must match the details in their Proof of Address and Government-issued ID. None of the information that the Freelancers provide for ID Verification is sold or displayed publicly. We charge a small fee of $4.95 for ID Verification at the time of submission of documents. Once the Freelancers submit the documents, it can take up to two business days for them to receive their verification status.

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  1. Samson Rotich Reply

    I am very new in the profession and am having a lot of difficulties in the verification issues since I do not have credit card information but I have an existing bank account that as a beginner I am only entitled to a small verification card containing the banks logo and my bank account number.

    How can you help me?

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hi Samson, you can also use a debit card (except RuPay) for ID Verification.

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hi Starleene, to submit your verification details go to Edit Account and click on the ID Verification tab.

  2. My question is whether the funds Will be reimbursed once the credit card has been verified?

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Yes the funds will be reimbursed within 1 business day and will reflect in your statement within 2-3 business days.

  3. I do not use credit card! For small time freelancer in India it is common? what alternative do I have?

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hi Shekhar, You can also use a debit card (except RuPay) for ID Verification.

  4. Please clarify a question, is the verification process by debit card to recognize the amount charged to the card in my bank statement? if I do that is not necessary the process of uploading the photos with my id?

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hi Benjamin.. Both steps are mandatory. You need to submit both your ID proof and credit/debit card information for complete ID Verification on Guru.

  5. pradeep chandrakumar c Reply

    I do not have a credit card, so can i use a debit card for verification.
    thank you

  6. Hello
    I am a new member of Guru.com
    I added a Id information, but I have no credit card.
    So I can not complete Id verification now
    I wanna know how I can do rest step
    Kindly regards

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hi, You can also use a debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover) for ID Verification.

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