Quick Tip: Add Audio and Video to Your Profile

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Uploading images and documents to your profile is great, but adding audio and video will really bring it to life! You can add content from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or any other website by copying the embed code and pasting it in your profile. There are two places where you can embed multimedia on your profile:

Option 1: Your Overview

Showcase your best work or introduce yourself on the front page of your profile. You can only embed one piece of multimedia here, so make it count.

  1. Edit your profile and go to the About tab.
  2. Scroll down to Attach Files and Videos. Click “Media”.
  3. Paste the embed code into the box:
  4. Click “Done” and the piece will be added! You will see this:
  5. Click “View Profile” on the left hand side to check that everything is displaying correctly.

Option 2: Your Portfolio

Embed as many pieces of multimedia as you want in each of your work collections. You can talk through your process, create a presentation, showcase verbal or video testimonials from happy clients… the options are limitless!

  1. Edit your profile and go to the Portfolio tab.
  2. Edit an existing work collection, or add a new one.
  3. Click the yellow Embed Media button, and paste the embed code in the box:
  4. Click “Save” and the piece will instantly display. Make sure you click “Save” for the work collection as well to save your changes.

Where to Upload Your Multimedia For Free

Upload your audio or video and grab the embed code using any of the the following websites:

YouTube – videos
Vimeo – high-quality videos – online video web series
Veoh – movies and videos
Yahoo Video – videos
MySpace Video – videos
Dailymotion – videos
Mixcloud – radio
Bandcamp – music
SoundCloud – music & audio
4shared – free file sharing & storage
JotForm – form builder
Google Maps – location sharing
Wufoo – online form builder
SlideShare – presentations & other professional content
Prezi – online presentation software
Flickr Photostream – photos
Picasa – photos
Blurb – self-publishing platform
Issuu – digital publishing platform


  1. I followed the directions to add embedded video to my portfolio. After I paste in the embedding code, the video appears. But when I try to click the “Save” or “Continue” button, nothing happens. I’ve tried this several times on two different browsers with no success. Please advise.

  2. I’m having the same problem. I tried to embed a Vimeo embed code to both my Portfolio page and my About page with no success. Also, this article mentions having to press “done” after saving the embed code in the About page, but there is no “done” button available. Please help, I just want to show clients examples of my work, which should be the basis of this website.

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