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Transfer Funds to Team Members, For Free!

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Your cash account has gotten quite the upgrade! Sure, we’ve made it easy to access and download all of your transaction history. But the new feature that makes us the most proud lets you pay team members, at no additional cost to you!

When you withdraw from your cash account, you can send funds to your team members’ cash accounts. Work on a job with your team and distribute the earnings however you want. It’s that simple.


  1. rahulkamboj Reply

    Hello Anna, My problem is I cannot withdraw money from my Guru account to any of the withdraw method…I am from India we cannot use the payoneer card since 4/5 yeasr back…The only option for me is using paypal …And from paypal I use to withdraw to my Bank acc again…But from today I cannot withdraw anything using all kind of your withdraw method that you provide(Bank acc/Paypal/wire transfer etc etc)..
    I am working on Guru from long time. but your changes is unexpected. there was no need any changes about payment method. I was Getting my payment properly via paypal. but when your changes has been updated then Guru did remove my previous pay-pal payment method. and now here is not supporting any payment method. I want to know. what are you doing with Guru…. how you will get trust from any freelancer.
    I cannot work with you if you do not provide better solution about withdraw my money!


  2. rahulkamboj Reply

    I prefer “PAYPAL” account. This is linked with a bank in India.
    The paypal withdraw is not working anymore ?? We have almost stopped using guru and its time to quit completely. so please provide me better solution about withdraw my money from Guru!

  3. I have put my money on withdraw since 20 days back nothing came in in my account yet it is totally scam with me now.Please help me to get this or i will report you guys in American criminal cell.

  4. Sudha Pandey Reply

    Hi Anna,

    Can your portal provide Similar Local Fund Transfer Method as given in Upwork.com?
    That Will Make Easier Payment Withdrawal for Indian Freelancer.

    You Guys Need to Improve your protal features as this is really difficult to work with guru because of some concern.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sudha Pandey

  5. Lovely ideas and I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article and I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.

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