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What Are the Main Features of Magento?

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Creating a website is simple nowadays. With easy-to-use website builders, you can set up pages without knowing how to write a single line of code. But we all know that these websites don’t often turn out exactly how you want. 

For your page to be everything you imagine it to be, you’ll have to hire a Magento developer. Magento developers are well-versed in the open-source website development platform’s features. They can create a website to look however you want it to and include the necessary functions.

What Is Magento?

Before you even start thinking about how much it costs to hire a Magento developer, it’s good to understand what Magento is and what sets it apart from other website development platforms.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) is an e-commerce platform solution based on open-source technology. It enables developers and business owners to build fully-functional websites with complete flexibility and control over their online channels.

The Main Features of Magento

Thanks to its rich features, Magento has become a popular website development platform, which helps create an unrivaled shopping experience for customers while providing scalability to the business. Here’s a list of what you can expect:

Marketing, Promotion, and Conversion Tools

Magento provides features that can help enhance your e-commerce marketing strategy through cross-selling, up-selling, and offering related products, coupons, and other promotional tools. 

Magento makes it easy to categorize products, apply multi-tier pricing, and even offer shipping options. A seamless shopping experience and an excellent customer journey encourage customer conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

All websites created with Magento are search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. You can customize uniform resource locators (URLs), add meta-information, and use the Google content application programming interface (API). 

Site Management

Magento’s easy-to-use site makes it uncomplicated to manage multiple websites from one platform.

You also have access to different design templates, batch import and export features, and Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) functionality. They even have a content management system that you can use for informational and landing pages.

Catalog Management

Magento makes it easy to upload, update, and manage your inventory. You can configure it as you want, adding as many attributes as needed to provide the best picture of your products. You can also customize prices and even designate different customer groups such as wholesalers.

Catalog Browsing

Magento improves the customer browsing experience by keeping them interested throughout their purchasing journey through search features, product listing views, recently viewed items lists, product comparisons, and auto-suggested terms. 

Check-Out, Payment, and Shipping

Magento lets you customize the check-out process to be as seamless as possible. Customers can customize gift orders (e.g., adding messages), plus choose to have their items shipped to multiple addresses! You can have it all done on one page, with online and offline payment options (including PayPal integration).

Order Management

View and edit orders right from the admin panel. You can also create invoices and generate packing slips and shipping labels for easy order fulfillment. Magento also supports emails about orders to your customers.

Customer Accounts

Magento allows you to give customers a personalized experience by signing up with an account. These accounts provide them with access to a dashboard that contains their wishlist, order status and history, default payment options and shipping, addresses, and the like. You can also let them leave product reviews using these accounts.

International Support

If you’re operating in different countries, Magento can support multiple currencies and can even add local tax rates when available. The solution also includes features that can help you stay compliant with data privacy laws outside the US.

Analytics and Reporting

Magento makes it easy for business owners to see their websites’ success through various analytics (including a Google Analytics integration) and reporting tools. That way, you can know what’s working and what’s not and respond accordingly.

Mobile Commerce

People shop on their phones more often nowadays, and Magento’s ready to respond to that shift with features that allow for mobile optimization. You can design your website to look and function fluidly on mobile, just as it would on a desktop.

Why Should I Use Magento for My E-commerce Website?

Magento is rich with features that don’t just make the customer experience better but makes back-end management simpler as well. The e-commerce development platform allows you to design your website with the look you want and the features you need to convert and retain customers and optimize your business strategies.

The best way to maximize the features of Magento is to hire a freelance Magento developer on Guru.com. With hundreds of experts on the site, you can find one that can work within your budget and hire them just like that—then you can make the website you envision!

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