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What Do You Use OpenAI For?

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OpenAI developers use the API and its utilities for a broad range of purposes, from implementing quick response chatbots to deploying search functions and performing data analysis tasks. 

The key use case is in automation, where organizations want to simplify everyday admin processes, introduce efficiencies, and reduce the potential for manual errors. However, like any platform, it’s important to ensure your programmer or developer has the right skills and knowledge to achieve your objectives. 

Guru offers businesses the opportunity to hire OpenAI experts from our huge network of more than 22,000 AI freelancers who provide technical expertise in machine learning algorithms.

How to Use OpenAI in Your Business

OpenAI has several different products, so while you can log in and use ChatGPT free of charge, you’ll need to pay a cost for the developer or enterprise modules, which are normally more applicable to commercial users. If you’re looking, for instance, to use the functionality of ChatGPT to manage automated customer service functions, you’ll normally need OpenAI Enterprise rather than the token-based API.

How much does OpenAI cost? Users pay to use the ChatGPT model in tokens, depending on their usage, whereas the enterprise option is priced based on things like the user numbers, input required, and the project you’re working on.

Next, we’ve run through some of the most popular ways to incorporate OpenAI, which showcase the vast array of tasks it can be used for.

1. Creating Content

The OpenAI language generation tools can produce almost any type of content you ask for based on your prompt. Companies might use ChatGPT to:

  • Draft information for marketing materials, articles, and web pages
  • Create short snippets of text for social media posts
  • Respond to frequently asked questions
  • Write quick product descriptions

There is a caveat in that an algorithm won’t necessarily have the experience or style you need to communicate your branding, so it’s important to review any content you create through the tool to check it is accurate, relevant, and has the right tone.

2. Customer Service Functions

Another common reason to use OpenAI is to handle chatbots, where customers can type in any question or inquiry and receive an immediate answer. Businesses might install chatbots with access to customer account details, where the AI can provide an update on an order, a tracking number, or advise when a product is due back in stock.

Businesses use these functions to reduce calls and inquiries to their customer service teams but also to improve the customer experience. Rather than waiting in call queues or needing to send an inquiry between specific office hours, they can use the virtual assistant at any time.

3. Organizing or Filtering Data

Data management is a significant challenge in many industries, where systems and networks collect enormous volumes of data but don’t have the capacity to extract useful information to help guide business decisions. OpenAI’s GPT-3 model can build tables created from blocks of data, even when it is completely unstructured, and sort it into logical groups and categories.

You might decide to input all of your customer data from the past few years to analyze the demographics you sell to most or evaluate data captured from web traffic to fine-tune your digital marketing strategies, as a couple of examples.

Another potential advantage is the DALL-E neural network, which provides predictive analytics based on the data provided. Companies use the tool to forecast trends, demand, opportunities, and risks to try and get ahead of market changes that could affect their priorities.

Hiring the Right Freelance Developer to Incorporate OpenAI Into Your Systems

Like any advancing software or technical field, it’s important that, however you decide to use OpenAI within your organization, it is implemented correctly and with the right level of customization to suit your purposes.

Developers with in-depth knowledge of programming languages, software frameworks, and data processes can create strategies to adopt the functionality within OpenAI and adjust the interface, appearance, or format of whichever tool you are developing to provide maximum benefits.

Hiring a skilled developer from Guru is essential if you’re updating your website or app, or if you’re improving the features you offer your customers. These freelancers can help ensure all the changes made work perfectly before you release your new functions to your audience!

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