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What Is a Freelance Digital Artist?

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In the wake of the infamous Covid-19 pandemic, people have had to think outside the box on finding sources of income. Freelancing has proven to be quite popular, with many people ditching conventional salaried jobs for more flexible working hours. But even companies, especially startups now prefer to export significant chunks of their workload to freelancers. This is particularly true for services that you may not require daily – like art. Paint on canvas turned heads for the past few centuries, but digital art is the modern renaissance of the art world. And freelance digital artists are the Da Vinci and Michelangelos of this era. 

But before we go down this rabbit hole, let’s cover the basics—what is a freelance digital artist? This person is a self-employed individual who uses digital technology as part of the creative process to produce different forms of digital art. This article will expand on the concept and explain both why you would want to hire a digital artist and how you might go about doing so.

Freelance Digital Artist Explained

A freelance digital artist specializes in creating art using digital software for clients for a fee. That means they don’t report to one boss or client. Instead, they find an array of clients needing specific digital artwork. 

Freelance artists can choose which projects to take and which ones to turn down. Plus, they have the liberty to work from home on their own time, depending on when they get the creative juices flowing. Some prefer working in the wee hours of the morning, while others burn the midnight oil. But regardless of when they work, the key thing is that they  need to ensure that their work is promptly delivered, especially if they advertise on freelance marketplaces where potential clients want to hire a digital artist online.

The nature of digital artwork seldom requires freelancers to meet their client in person, so in most instances, all the interactions happen fully online. 

Why Hire a Digital Artist?

A great graphic designer can put together compelling imagery to fuel your marketing campaigns. But most companies today have a graphics designer on their team, making their work quite standard. Hiring a digital artist with the skill and style to understand and articulate your company’s vision will help you stand out in the marketplace. Working with one will not only increase your brand visibility with the eye-catching artwork, but you’ll also better define your business needs, win new customers, and boost your bottom line.

If an image says a thousand words, imagine what the right combination of paintings, sculptures, logos, and other artistic media can do for your business. And hiring a freelance digital artist means you don’t have to worry about paying a regular salary, plus benefits. If you only need digital artwork once in a while, or for just that one project, that’s all you have to pay for.

How to Hire a Digital Artist

Now that you understand why a freelance digital artist is important for your business, the next thing is to go out and hire the best one. A decade or two ago, this process would have consisted of asking around for referrals, or physically visiting art schools and local galleries. Today, a quick search on the internet is the perfect first step.

A great place to start is with freelance marketplaces, where you can post a job ad. If you go this route, your pitch should include details about the type, scale, and quantity of art you need. You should also include the time frames and budget. You can also browse portfolios on different design communities and freelancer hubs. Take some time to explore previous projects and reviews for artists whose work catches your eye. Put down a list of the different freelance digital artists that look like a good match and rank these artists by preference.

The next step is to start contacting the artists on your list, starting with your first choice. Be sure to ask about their current workload, so you’ll know right away if they are available to start on your project. Provide as many details about your expectations, so you’re on the same page. Also, don’t forget to tell the artist what it is about their work that you loved. 

If you hit it off with your first choice artist, perfect. If not, you can then work through your list until you find the right fit. A pilot project can be a great way to start building a working relationship before you go all out and start ordering up the different artwork you need created.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a freelance digital artist can be an excellent route to get work artwork created for your next project, if approached the right way. Be sure to have a clear idea of what type exactly you’re looking to have made, the kind of styles you’re interested in, and what both your project timeline and budget are. Once you know all these details you can start looking around on freelance marketplaces, like we offer here on Guru, to find the perfect artist for the job. 

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