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What Is a Tableau Developer?

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A Tableau developer is essentially a person that has undertaken training to tackle a company’s software development needs using the Tableau platform. Their main role within a specific company typically involves helping the business manage its projects through software management and data visualization.

Why use Tableau? Tableau is a data visualization tool that specializes in allowing its users to visually process information. It gives greater control and ease of access to an organization’s data in a way that is intuitive for anyone involved. Tableau specializes in allowing users to analyze and visualize data by using interactive dashboards.

There are three types of installations available for Tableau—the Tableau Server, the Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Online. Tableau developers will typically have a high level of mastery in all of these areas.

1. Tasks of Tableau Developer

The main tasks surrounding a Tableau developer include creating the design and guiding the development process for data visualization. They will essentially take all of the data a company has and use Tableau to present the data in an easy-to-understand format.

Tableau developers will also manage the software development tasks throughout the lifecycle of a project. They’ll also design and implement data analysis, then generate strategic solutions; they can also design search schemas that will integrate the data within Tableau. 

2. Skills of Tableau Developer

There are numerous skills freelance Tableau developers need to have, from basic computer skills to Tableau-specific skills. They need to be an expert at working with each tool Tableau has on offer, not just the basic ones anyone can learn within the span of a few minutes or hours. They also need to specialize in the creation of script automation tasks and data extracts, all of which can save the company a lot of time and costs when it comes to compiling and managing information. 

3. Background of Tableau Developer

Tableau developers can have a wide range of backgrounds, but the most helpful is often a Bachelor’s Degree in IT, computer science, or a relevant field. Typically, developers will specialize in Tableau specifically, but scripting knowledge can be a helpful skill to bring to the table.

Hiring Your Tableau Developer

Tableau can be implemented throughout numerous environments, ranging from servers to physical facilities to virtual machines. A Tableau developer needs to be familiar with public cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.

Of course, when it comes to the responsibilities of a Tableau developer, their workload will also be dependent on the organization and the work environment. To find an experienced and professional freelance Tableau developer, be sure to use a reputable freelancer hiring platform like Guru!

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