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What Is Social Media Marketing?

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Social media marketers are in high demand as more and more businesses look at how to use social media for marketing purposes to grow their audiences, improve brand awareness, and ultimately boost their profit!

Today, we’ll explain what social media marketing involves, why it is important, and what to expect from a freelance social media marketer.

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How Does Marketing Work on Social Media?

Part of the reason businesses hire freelance support is that the opportunities available through social media marketing are vast. For example, if you decide to launch a paid marketing campaign, you will have choices to make about:

  • Target demographics
  • Spend per click or engagement
  • Duration of the campaign
  • Visual and video content
  • Titles and marketing text
  • Geographical target areas
  • Platforms to focus on

The basics are that any promotional activity, be that organic content or paid advertising, is a part of social media marketing. Still, the primary goal is to tailor content to each channel to promote your brand and drive higher engagement metrics. Social media is a fantastic way to connect with customers or provide added value while creating context and dialogue around your brand story and values.

However, the user demographics and types of content that work best vary considerably between platforms–think reels and stories for Instagram, targeted business posts for LinkedIn, and video posts for TikTok.

What Is the Advantage of Using Social Media Marketing?

There are several aspects of social media usage that make it an ideal way to connect:

  • Social proof: Customers use social media to decide whether a product, service, or company is worth buying from, using reviews and ratings to make key purchasing decisions.
  • Familiarity: Social media is more relaxed and informal than other channels and is a space where businesses can be approachable and conversational, inviting readers to post comments, ask questions, or re-post shareable content.
  • Multiple outreach options: You don’t necessarily need to invest in paid ads to use social media to your advantage. Depending on the channels you use, you could blend promotions with posted content, cross-post with influencers or industry experts, and mix video, GIFs, imagery, and text to broaden your reach.

Statistics show that 71% of people who have a good experience with a company on social media are likely to recommend the business to friends or family. With billions of active users (including over 90% of millennials), it is one of the largest captive audiences of any marketing channel.

Social Media Marketers use social media to engage with targeted groups, often with repeat ads appearing in their feeds, as most individuals log into their social media accounts through a smartphone multiple times every day. Brands can also use their social media marketing dashboard to analyze company performance, trending hashtags or searches, or engagement numbers to refine the type of content they post.

What to Expect From a Freelance Social Media Marketer

If you don’t have the time or expertise to design social media marketing campaigns or ad graphics or wish to outsource the work to an experienced freelancer, they’ll normally begin with your strategy. Some companies may have an active marketing strategy without the capacity to implement core actions or might wish to work with an accomplished marketer to ensure they’re making sound decisions before spending any money.

Social media marketing strategies are important because they define the objectives you expect to achieve, allowing you to focus on the marketing activities you engage in. A strategy covers your initial goals, establishes a timeline or milestones along the way, and then expands to determine the specific actions you need to perform to hit those targets.

Much of the work involves researching target markets, evaluating competitor campaigns, and drilling down on key search terms or audience behaviors to ensure your marketing content achieves a positive response. Alternatively, if you have a particular event, launch, or product you’d like to market, you can hire a freelancer on Guru for a short-term project to create and implement an attention-grabbing campaign to maximize visibility and the sales you achieve through your social media presence.

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