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When Do I Need a Structural Engineer?

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Structural engineers play important roles in any construction process and are an essential part of the team. However, to truly understand why a company might need a structural engineer, they need to understand the role of a structural engineer and how to integrate their skills during a project.

In this post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about structural engineers, including how companies can find and hire a structural engineer.

Structural Engineers and Their Importance

A structural engineer is an engineer that has a specific specialty within building structures. They are responsible for designing, planning, and overseeing the overall construction of structures, such as buildings and other infrastructures. 

Understanding the Need for a Structural Engineer

The structural engineer fills the roles of a consultant, an architect, and a building contractor. They calculate the loads, define the overall specification of a project, and decide what materials and structural systems will be utilized throughout the overall process. These materials can include steel, concrete, or wood.

Structural engineers will typically operate alongside an architect to design the building. Their focus will be on how a building is being created, and they will need to ensure that it is strong, reliable, and durable. The structural engineer assesses the overall safety of a specific building or structure in order to determine its integrity.  The building will need to use the right materials for structural stability. 

When to Seek Help From a Structural Engineer

There are numerous reasons why a company might need the assistance of a structural engineer. They may employ them to carry out a renovation or make changes to a building’s foundation that would otherwise affect its stability.

A structural engineer can work with a pre-existing building contractor or architect and provide them with information that is important throughout the process, such as the creation of structural drawings or load calculations. This information is necessary to plan permissions or when complying with building control regulations.

It’s easy to identify in the early stages of planning whether or not a structural engineer is necessary for your project. For example, some of the most notable projects that will require a structural engineer’s services include:

  • Building an extension
  • Modifying doors or windows
  • Fitting solar panels
  • Loft conversions
  • Removing or even modifying internal walls or underpinning floors
  • And more

While there are hundreds of other cases, the rule is if anyone is making changes to the structure of a property that will need building approval, they will need to get technical information from the structural engineer. Additionally, if they are tackling a project that can potentially damage the integrity or stability of a building or home, they need an engineer to ensure that it will remain stable during the project. 

Those curious about how much it costs to hire a structural engineer can analyze the data on reliable freelancer websites such as Guru.

How to Find a Structural Engineer

Guru can help you learn how to find a structural engineer. Before finding a structural engineer, a company will need to determine the size and scope of its project, and will also need to compile a list of prospects and select the best fits its specific needs. 

Companies can also request that the engineer visit the project site in order to submit a proposal that features the objectives, anticipated time frame, and overall compensation requirements. Freelancing platforms, such as Guru, streamline this process tremendously and provide companies with a list of structural engineers who are prepared to begin work.

Getting the Most Out of a Structural Engineer

Structural engineers will need to be aware of the corrosion resistance within the overall buildings. The work of these engineers can be streamlined by utilizing specialized software that can aid in drawing, designing, and analyzing the structure with a high level of precision. Experienced structural engineers will typically implement this in their workflow.

Structural engineers can design buildings and structures capable of handling different loads and resisting environmental forces. They can also aid in the renovation process of pre-existing buildings or houses. 

Next Steps

Now that you know the role a structural engineer plays in your next construction or renovation project, you can hire a freelancer today. With Guru, you can get in touch with hundreds of expert freelancers and find the right one for your needs!

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