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Why Is Translation Very Difficult From English to Thai?

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As businesses look for new markets to expand into, Thailand is now one of the preferred markets to start operations in. Being one of the top economies in Southeast Asia, and a part of the ASEAN community, Thailand has opened its doors to a lot of international businesses in recent years.

However, as with any new market entry, there are always challenges and difficulties that businesses face. One such challenge is the language barrier. Even though English is widely spoken in Thailand, there are still many people who do not speak or understand it, at a business level. This barrier brings us to questions such as; how to translate English to Thai? Is Google Translate accurate for Thai? And if so, why do you need English to Thai translation services? Let’s explore the Thai language in further detail, in an attempt to answer these queries along with other concerns. 

The Thai Language

Thailand has a unique writing system that is based on the Pali language. This written system is different from other scripts because it uses a combination of consonants and vowels to represent different sounds. The Thai alphabet consists of 44 letters, and each letter has its unique sound. Words are written without any spaces between them, and there are no upper- or lower-case letters. In addition, all words must end with a vowel sound. Thai writing is often used for religious texts, as well as for government documents and newspapers. While it can be challenging to learn, it is a beautiful and unusual script, with a rich history.

Tonal Language

Thailand’s unique tonal language is one of the many things that make the country so special. Unlike most languages, which use a combination of vowel and consonant sounds to create words, the Thai language uses five different tones to give each word a distinct meaning. As a result, tonal languages like Thai can be very difficult for foreigners to learn. However, tonal languages also have some unique advantages. For example, they are much better suited for singing than non-tonal languages. This is because tones can be used to create a melody, making it possible to sing entire sentences or even conversations. In addition, tonal languages are often more expressive than non-tonal languages, making them ideal for spoken poetry.

Difficult Grammar

Another challenge that comes with learning Thai is its difficult grammar. Unlike English, which has a relatively simple grammar system, Thai has a much more complex system that can be difficult to understand. For example, there are no articles in Thai (such as “the” or “a”), and there are also no plural forms of nouns. Verbs are conjugated differently depending on the subject, and there are several different tenses that can be used. As a result, it can be quite difficult to construct even simple sentences in Thai.

However, despite these challenges, learning Thai can be a very rewarding experience. Not only will you be able to communicate with a larger number of people, but you will also be able to appreciate the beauty of the Thai language.

How to Translate English to Thai

Given everything we’ve shared above, you’re probably wondering how to translate English to Thai. Here are a few recommendations to help you out.

Find a Credible English to Thai Translator

If you need a more accurate translation, then your best bet is to find a professional translator who specializes in translating English to Thai. You can find a number of professional freelance translators here on Guru.

Use a Translation Tool Like Google Translate

While good for translating basic vocabulary and common words, Google Translate may not be your best partner for complicated translations like documents or speeches, as the context of the sentence and cultural nuances can make a world of difference in the final interpretation. 

Hire a Translation Agency

If you need to translate an important document or website, then it’s worth hiring a professional translation agency. Translation agencies have a team of experienced translators who can ensure that your translation is accurate and error-free.


Thai is a beautiful language. Like any language in the world, there will be challenges with direct translations from English to any other language. However, we live in a day and age where it is relatively easier to find resources to help us with our translation requirements. From online tools to finding individuals or agencies that can help you out, you will be able to overcome the barriers of translation from English to Thai.

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