Work For Yourself, Not By Yourself

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Ever wish you could collaborate with other Freelancers using one account to get projects done? Our new Multi-User Accounts feature lets you do this by allowing you to build a team.

Why Build A Team?

Add others to your team to help you bid on and complete projects. Free up your time by delegating specific tasks to your Consultants in the project Work Room. Let your Managers oversee the work of your Consultants and track each team member’s time. Tame the ‘business side’ of freelancing so you can concentrate on the work you love.

No Worries, Your Account Is Safe

Only you have access to your email preferences and transfer methods. Set up a secondary email address that team members can access to receive important project-related messages. This way, your account remains secure.

Get Started

Sign into your existing Guru account and start building your team today!

Add Team Member OR  Learn More


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  2. How do I find manager, coodinator email address to add to my team? Please advice.


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