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Work From Home Gifts for Employees

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While working from home has its advantages, it is also fraught with downsides. One of the biggest is team members feeling isolated, which could lead to them being unmotivated. Without the ability to have daily face-to-face chats with other team members, where an employee can feel valued for their work, it can be easy for an employee to stop giving their all. Team building activities during conference calls may help encourage your team, but here, we look at why gift-giving to employees is valuable and provide suggestions on the types of gifts to give.

Why Give Gifts to Employees?

Giving a gift to an employee is not only an act of kindness, but it also shows appreciation and can be a reward for hard work. If the gift is a thoughtful one, the employee will feel appreciated and motivated to work harder. 

You can use gifts as an incentive to accomplish goals. For example, if you tell employees that they will receive a particular gift once they achieve a target, that employee will be motivated to hit the target far quicker and better than without it. 

Ideas for Work From Home Gifts for Employees

The suggestions below can help you start brainstorming gift ideas for your employees. The gifts below usually suit a wide range of personalities, and within them, there are lots of variations so that you can find the perfect gifts for specific team members.

1. Stress Reliever Kit

If you know that your employee has recently been stressed and overwhelmed, either with work or personal life, buying them a home stress reliever kit can mean a lot.

What’s great about this is that it is a win-win situation. First, it helps relieve your colleague’s stress which will improve their productivity. And second, your colleague will recognize your efforts to be caring and supportive, strengthening your relationship.

2. Reusable Coffee Mug

We are all trying to reduce the amount of plastic we consume, so buying a team member a reusable coffee mug can be a fantastic present if you know they regularly take their coffee to-go. You can also have such products quickly branded with a company logo, making it a great company gift.

3. Subscription Boxes

There are a wide variety of subscription boxes that can be delivered to your employee monthly. They can range from beauty supplies subscription boxes to meal kit delivery boxes. What’s great about subscription boxes is that they can be tailored to a person’s likes, and they are the gift that keeps on giving, until the subscription is cancelled.

4. Music Streaming Account

Working from home can be a quiet and monotonous experience if someone is used to the sounds of a busy office. While many people may have a free Spotify account, buying an employee a few months of Spotify Premium or another music streaming app can be a great way to build rapport. Music is good for the soul and can help keep employees happy and focused. Plus, it can also be a really great way to start conversations because you can talk together about the music you’ve been listening to, and even share playlists! 

5. Snack Delivery

When in doubt, go with food. If you are struggling to identify what an employee likes, buying them a snack delivery service – like cookies or a fruit basket – can be a great option. Everyone loves having some sweet treats show up to their home unexpectedly after they’ve been sitting at their desk all day. Again, this option is easily modified to an individual’s tastes and preferences. Know they love chocolate? Send them a big box of their favorites. Know that they don’t have much of a sweet tooth? Send them cheese and crackers instead. 


Getting gifts for your employees may sound a little extra, but they are very beneficial. They show kindness and respect, which every team needs. It also shows that you appreciate your employees, which will increase their productivity. It may even help you manage your remote team.  And what’s not to like about that?  Read more about the cost of a graphic designer.

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