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Former engineer now a dynamic entrepreneur, career coach, and management consultant. Creative strategist. Growth advocate. Doer.

I love helping people strategize their future. Whether it’s to creatively position yourself for a new career, improve your management and leadership, or finally implement some growth strategies for your business (or heck, START a business), I love working together to see true potential come to life.

Where did my (admittedly unique yet odd) experience and passion come from?

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Civil Engineering, I practiced in the industry for about eight years. For some reason, I thought a tanking economy was a good time to change careers, so in the fall of 2008, I set out to pursue a career in a more creative, communicative environment.

From engineer to entrepreneur, strategy is my middle name.

Over the past ten years, I have done everything from sell bags with a direct sales company (and build a top 3% business, company-wide) to run an art gallery, lead a nonprofit to explosive growth, own a snowboard company, help new businesses incorporate, and coach entrepreneurs.

But what I’m really passionate about is helping people achieve career and business satisfaction, to harness untapped potential and reach new heights. To help people get the most out of career and business, and therefore…life.

I am a creative, critical, and strategic thinker. Business sense and marketing strategy come naturally to me. I thrive in situations that require a mix of logic, creativity, communication, and action. I am a small business owner, mentor, a risk-taker: a leader, a visionary, and a doer. I’m a potential junkie and love helping others tune-in to and reach theirs, and I wanted to share that for others’ benefit. That’s why I founded Career Benders, Inc.

It is through Career Benders that I live out my passion to help others love what they “do.”

We get people out of jobs they hate and into a career or business they love.

We help Managers learn how to Lead, so they can lessen employee turnover, instill loyalty, and see

Founded: 2017

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While our offices are based in Denver, CO, we work with clients across the U.S.